Google Home Hub review: the best digital photo frame

According to Google Photos, there are 8,536 photos of her two daughters until the day she was born. Thanks to the new Google Home Hub, we've seen hundreds of photos back in the last few days. Each photo pulled my chest strap and sparked a sparkling memory throughout the screen. [19659002] The $ 149 Google Home Hub is not just a digital picture frame, but a good digital picture frame that many parents and grandparents can pay without having to think twice without another digital picture frame.

Of course, if you buy a home hub, you get a smart display and a centralized smart home control hub. The Home Hub is not the largest, the most expensive, the best sounding or the finest smart display, but it can be the best smart display for most people.

And if you are looking for a way to see cool memories taken on smartphones for years, Home Hub is the easiest way to see it.

Good size

google home hub review the best digital photo frame

Good display

  • Colorful display and color adjustment with automatic dimming
  • Compact size for comfortable placement in various places throughout the home
  • Voice or Comprehensive smart home control accessible via touch
  • Best digital photo frame ever created with Google Photos integration [
  • Small screen size can be suppressed
  • Speaker quality is poor
  • Netflix Can not stream
  • Every time you want to talk you have to say "Google"

Digital Photo Frame in Home Hub can be seen throughout ambition c hardware design. Almost like a 7-inch touch screen tablet permanently attached to the stand in portrait and landscape. The stand is covered in fabric and has a small speaker similar to a popular home mini.

In addition, the first thing most people have noticed about a hub is the volume button and mute switch for the hub. How small it is. Unlike Lenovo Smart Displays or Amazon's Echo Show, the Home Hub is so compact that it can easily be placed on counters, night stands, mantles, or end tables without taking up space. I could place it at the top of my range to keep it while making recipes.

On the other hand, some users will want a larger version with a larger display and a more powerful speaker because the home hub is too small. Small size also makes the Hub slightly unstable when you tap on the touch screen. I actually knocked on the screen, but it got jittery every time I touched the screen or adjusted the volume.

There is a corresponding screen on the front, and an "Ambient EQ" optical sensor, a key element in the field microphone and hub's hardware to make the picture look good. This sensor automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature of the hub depending on the room lighting, so it is easy to see whether it is in the bedroom or in the bedroom by sensing bright sunlight next to faint, warm lamps or kitchen counters in the kitchen. Enjoy watching. It is said that the autocorrection feature has been specially tuned to make the photo displayed on the screen look like a printed image on the frame, though it is not different from the actual tonal function of the iPhone and iPad recently.

works with other digital displays. The screen of the Home Hub is not very satisfactory, but its color and saturation are beautiful. The relatively low 1024×600 pixel resolution is never a problem in use and it looks good indoors or a few feet away. The screen is very good at overcoming glare and looks completely different from the other digital displays you see in your photos. It's amazing how our tuning works to reproduce the look of the printed image. Unlike the erratic digital picture frames that were popular 10 years ago, the Home Hub actually realizes the definition of the image. As I waited for a refresh to the new memory, I saw it pinching for a few minutes. (You can also swipe the image when in Slideshow mode.) It's amazing that your company does not use the same effects as your Pixel 3 smartphone.

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Brightness can be adjusted with the Ambient EQ optical sensor of the Home Hub.

The Home Hub uses a light sensor to automatically reduce the brightness of the light and display the digital clock when you turn off the lights indoors, so users are not distracted.

Importing images to your home hub is as simple as connecting your Google Photos account during installation and selecting the albums you want to view. The hub works with new live albums from Google Photos and automatically updates with new images of people selected based on face recognition in Google Photos. (This is what I used to know that my wife and I have more than 8,500 daughters.) You can then share this album with everyone who has a Google Photos account to make your home hub the ideal digital picture frame. Grandparents are automatically updated every time they shoot with new images.

Home Hub's software is smart enough. Instead of cutting awkwardly, present two vertically aligned photographs side by side. It also groups the same person's image when displaying the same person's image.

The ambient photo slide show feature of the Home Hub does not support any kind of video or animation. I have hundreds of video clips. Even though I'm still animated, I like to watch on the screen, but I can not do that without casting them on my phone. A Google representative said, "The team decided not to include because it does not include moving content on the screen (especially in ambient mode), but did not rule out adding it in the future.

In addition to photo slideshows, Can play videos from a variety of sources, including YouTube and YouTube TV. You can also use your apps like Hulu, HBO Go, and others to transfer videos from your phone or computer to your hub. We can not play Netflix on hubs, and we say that this restriction is Netflix's decision and we hope to be able to add Netflix in the future.

To view the video, the Hub's display looks as good as the picture, That's enough – you can use Google Assist, Podcast, or other The same applies to voice response, however, speakers do not sound well when playing music, especially if you raise the volume by more than 50%, the sound is flat, thin and uncomfortable. To improve the quality of your music, you can connect your home hub to large Bluetooth speakers.

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The other features and software of the hub are very similar to Lenovo's smart displays and other products offered by Google. You can show weather, scheduled appointments, directions (push to mobile phone), random facts, sports scores, timers, alarms, and much more. The hub is available as a digital recipe book with step-by-step instructions and video guides This is clever, but I often limit the recipes I'm looking for

The Amazon Echo Show has many of the same features as the Hub, but Google is already so deeply involved. Because I have a lot more data about my life, my activities, preferences, etc., Many of them are much more useful and satisfying to use. However, I prefer to say "Alexa" to "Oka Google" or "Hey Google" whenever I want to use voice commands to control smart displays.

Google also updated its smart home control interface for home hubs, and it is not much more comprehensive and robust. Along with the new home apps for iOS and Android, Hub can show all rooms in the house and all installed smart devices. You can drill down into specific lights or switches in any room, or switch entire lighting groups at once. You can also see a summary of your home's smart devices by swiping down from the top of the screen. The Home Hub serves as a viewer for Nest video doorbells and cameras, but does not currently work for other brands.

Home Hub is not a smart home despite its name and better smart home control features To control using the hub self-home hub, first set up your device on your hub or Wi-Fi network, You must connect to Amazon's new Echo Show has the ability to install and control smart home devices without additional apps, hubs, or phones.

What is missing from the Home Hub is a camera for video calls. Google says it skipped the camera so people could feel comfortable putting the hub in the bedroom or other intimate places in the house. Personally, I did not miss it. Having tested these devices, I found it somewhat awkward to make video calls. This is because you can not easily change the camera position for better framing or viewing. The privacy issue that comes up when you're always looking at a camera connected to the Internet is not worth the trade-off that you can make video calls with your device. A home hub can make voice calls through the Google Duo system and can be used to broadcast to other home devices on a Wi-Fi network, such as an interphone, for communication.

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Domestic hubs in the Google suite of household products quickly became my favorite. A smart smart home speaker for smart alarms and timers, and an almost perfect digital photo frame for viewing thousands of photos stored in your Google Photos account. It is much more compact than the smart displays of Lenovo and others, so you can keep it in your living room or kitchen counter without me. Of course, it's not as good as Sonos One, Google Home Max, or even the new Echo Dot, but none of them show me pictures of my daughter learning to ride a bicycle for the first time I walk. 19659039] By itself, you can permanently install your home hub in your home and many other parents and grandparents' homes.

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