Google Home adds support for YouTube Music’s free ad-supported tier

Google Home smart speakers can now play music on YouTube Music's free ad-supported layer. Previously, Google Assistant smart speakers needed to subscribe to the Google paid YouTube Music Premium service for $ 9.99 a month to listen to YouTube music. The new service is available for Google Home speakers and other Google Assistant Smart speakers in 16 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Unfortunately, the free tier does not allow you to request specific songs from smart speakers. Instead, it refers to a playlist such as "Latin Vibes." When we specifically asked Google to play Creep our smart speakers played what we thought was a related Nirvana song, not the radio head track we requested. ..

The default streaming music service used by smart speakers can be set by going to the & # 39; Music & # 39; section. Within the & # 39; Settings & # 39; menu of the Google Home app there you can choose YouTube Music as your default music service.

At this time, layers of YouTube Music are not supported on smart speakers with Amazon Music Assistant functionality.

Playing music on smart speakers removes one of the biggest complaints about the free tier use of YouTube Music. This means that your app does not support music playback in the background. Unless you pay a premium rate, you'll need to keep your phone's screen on and open the YouTube Music app to keep your music playing. Smart speakers without screens or multitasking do not have that problem.

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