Google goofs by accidentally leaking new Nest Hub Max smart display

Google made a big mistake today when, in what seemed like a relatively minor update to the connected home section of its Google Store online store, it accidentally leaked the existence of a new Nest product. In the image, captured before it was removed by Android Police you can see Google promoting the benefits of the new Nest Hub Max, as it is called. According to the additional marketing images, it appears that the device has a 10-inch HD screen, an integrated Nest camera and stereo speakers.

We do not have much more to continue regarding this product, and no information about whether it is a real product under development (apparently probable) or when it could be close to being revealed (we have no idea). It may not be real and it will never materialize, but this seems a bit too specific for it to be some kind of administrative error. Google was not immediately available to comment.

google goofs by accidentally leaking new nest hub max smart display

Image: Android Police

Still, it would make a lot of sense for Nest to enter the smart screen market. Google already has its own Smart Home Hub, and many third-party electronics brands have incorporated Google Assistant into tablet-sized screens that use voice control. But Nest, which now offers a complete set of smart home products ranging from cameras to doorbells and security systems, could offer a better experience if it had a centralized center to control all of its devices.

At this time, the company has had to settle for putting Google Assistant on products already launched that were initially not designed for him, such as the Nest Cam IQ. A true smart screen, with a built-in camera and speakers, could be the Google Home style Nest center that the company, now once again part of Google itself, needs to make a smoother transition to a brand that offers a holistic offer instead of a series by parts of interoperable devices.

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