Google ends support for Reply, which added smart replies to third-party apps

We will continue to support you with a pilot app, Reply, which provides a smart reply response to a variety of messaging apps like Slack, Hangouts, and Messenger. This app started as part of Google's 120th region testing earlier this year, waiting for the wrong app.

We finished the experiment by emailing a reply to a beta tester. "We will still be able to work for the next few months, but we will see bugs or bad suggestions," he said, adding that the company will integrate what they learn in their apps into other Google products. Smart creation and smart reply. (Smart replies are also available for Android messaging.)

Testing your app earlier this year showed that Reply auto-responded smoothly, tilted in a positive response, or quote a noun in a received message. . We also tended to provide "I love you" as the default third response, regardless of context.

We were also scheduled to announce availability and calendar integration to provide appointment suggestions or commute predictions based on the user's current location and traffic, but these suggestions were not available in a short time via replies. However, if we plan to continue releasing these features, they will be available in Gmail and Android messages first.

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