Google employees worldwide are walking out today to protest handling of sexual misconduct

Storms continue to be handled in cases of sexual harassment. According to The New York Times the organizers of Google Walkout for real change, according to The New York Times more than 1,500 women, most of whom are women, are moving away from more than 60% of Google offices at 11:10 am . World. "

Times YouTube product marketing manager Claire Stapleton says," We do not want to feel unequal or no longer respected. "Google is culturally famous. But in reality, we are not able to meet the basics of respect, justice and fairness to everyone here. "

On Thursday, there is already a stir in Asia, where work is going well, photos of meetings from Tokyo and Singapore offices have been posted to the organizer's official Twitter and Instagram accounts, where employees have a hashtag #GoogleWalkout

The workout organizer requires Google to make five specific changes to its company policy:

  1. Harassment and discrimination will result in mandatory arbitration. [19659006]
  2. Public sexual harassment Transparency Report
  3. A clear and consistent worldwide process for reporting sexual harassment safely and anonymously
  4. Increase the response of the Chief Diversity Officer, recommend it directly to the chairperson, 19659009] A leaflet to leave the desk to leave the office.

    Staff The New York Times resigned following an allegation that Alphabet CEO Larry Page, who led Google before New York rebuilding, forced Rubin into an employee. (Andy Rubin, Andy Rubin) had an oral sex in a previous year's hotel room, according to Google's Times, a $ 90 million redemption

    Amit Singhal, Google's Senior Vice President of Search, received a multi-million dollar redemption package after leaving for sexual abuse, but Rich DeVaul, Google X Director, said that when Google decides to take the appropriate corrective action, Following a claim filed by a prospective employer, DeVaul was able to maintain Times & # 39; I resigned this week after being named.

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai and executive vice president of human operations Eileen Naughton said last week that Google had sacked 48 people for sexual harassment. We did not offer the package to any of them in the last two years, but Times & # 39; report did not deny any of the charge details. Rubin has refuted a key claim to coerced oral sex, including "an exaggerated expression of the numerous inaccuracies and rewards of my job at Google."

    We're going to update this story as Googlers spread throughout the world.

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