Google employees are planning a May 1st sit-in to protest retaliation

Google employees say they are going to sit down tomorrow to protest the alleged reprisals against workers.

In a tweet, the organizers of the Google employee strike last year said that the sit-in was scheduled for 11AM.

"Since they ask us to leave sick due to sickness, to have their reports taken away from us, we are fed up with reprisals," the organizers said in the tweet. "Six months ago, we left. This time, we are sitting. At 11 am tomorrow. "

More than 20,000 Google employees withdrew in November to protest the handling of the company's allegations of sexual harassment.In response, Google's leadership made some concessions, but the controversy internal has plagued the company.

Last week, two employees who helped organize the strike said that management had reduced their work responsibilities after organizing protests, Google has said that any change was not an act of reprisal. Since then, other employees have shared stories of incidents that they believe were also reprisals.

Google employees have been at the forefront of protests throughout the technology industry, as workers have organized to influence decisions The employees have demonstrated against the plans to work on tools such as the Maven Project of the AI ​​system of the Pent agony, in which Google finally abandoned its participation. More recently, the company dissolved an ethics advisory board after employees protested the inclusion of the president of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

A Google spokesman declined to comment on the sit-in. "We forbid reprisals in the workplace and we publicly share our policy very clearly," the spokesman said. "To make sure that no complaints are heard on Google, we provide employees with multiple channels to report concerns, even anonymously, and investigate all reports of retaliation."

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