Google Duplex expands to ‘small group’ of Pixel owners

Google Duplex received an open release limited to automated services that booked businesses on behalf of users VentureBeat . In a statement, Google said it would launch a "slow rollout" of the service, which is now being offered to "small groups" of Google Pixel phone owners in "some cities." In addition to increasing availability with your users, you can also invite restaurants that are not explicitly affiliated with Google.

As you can see from this statement, we launched the service in a very limited state compared to what we demonstrated at the time the service was first announced. Some restaurants are sometimes not available for reasons that are not entirely clear, as they are limited to restaurant reservations if you currently have access to the service (no haircut promised yet). Pixel phones are currently supported and do not mean smart displays or other handsets, and the Google Assistant will only make phone calls in English in the cities Google chooses for a particular exam. It's not clear how long it will take for the service to overcome each of these limitations, but because Google is currently recording all of the current duplex calls, it's likely that it will start collecting valuable usage data.

Google Duplex was publicly available and was the first to know how real services actually worked. The option to call Google Assistant is usually available by requesting a "reservation", or by finding a particular restaurant and requesting a table from there. Quick conversations with Google that provide details like party time, date, time, and backup phone number. Then, when the appointment is made, it is either imported from an email or sent to the "My Reservations" list along with any other appointments you have manually added to your calendar.

We are not yet verifying if the service becomes publicly available. We contacted Google to get feedback, and we'll be updating this article in a reply.

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