Google denies altering YouTube code to break Microsoft Edge

Former Microsoft interns have released details about a YouTube incident that convinces some Edge browser engineers that Google has intentionally added incompatible code. Joshua Bakita, a former software engineering intern at Microsoft, posted details and assertions about the incident earlier this year through a post on Hacker News. Microsoft has announced that it is moving from the EdgeHTML rendering engine to the open source Chromium project for the Edge browser.

Bakita says, "One of the reasons we decided to end [Microsoft] EdgeHTML is that we can not keep up with the changes we've made to sites that have compromised other browsers," Bakita said. Previously, our state-of-the-art video acceleration was much ahead of Chrome when playing videos on battery, but it caused problems on YouTube almost immediately. . Watching videos has begun advertising Chrome's edge. "

Mozilla program administrators are five times slower on Firefox and Edge making site slower, and a few months after a separate YouTube redesign asserts, 19689007 Edge, Safari, and Firefox users improve their YouTube experience Google also deliberately blocked access to Google Maps for Windows phone users a few years ago.

"I am confident now that YouTube is intentionally changed to slowing down the edge. I can not, but a lot of co-workers are sure. "In his article on the empty element problem, Bakita says," When we asked, YouTube refused to remove the hidden empty div and did not explain it anymore. "

We disputed Bakita's claim, and the YouTube empty div is a bug that was fixed after it was reported. "YouTube does not add code designed to neutralize optimization in other browsers. " In a statement in The Verge a YouTube spokesman says," We regularly work with other browser vendors through standards bodies, web platform testing projects, and open source Chromium projects. To improve browser interoperability. "

At the heart of these issues is the ongoing competition for the Web. We are struggling to keep pace with our changing trends, and many search engine technicians play an important role in driving Web technologies and standards. As a result, we often adopt these changes for the first time,

Google's Chrome-only site has many problems because it is constantly adopting and pushing Web standards: Mozilla / Microsoft's mistake as to whether Google is being pushed too quickly or too slow

Microsoft does not comment on specific claims made by previous interns. Verge commented, "Google was a helpful partner and we are committed to the future of Microsoft Edge. "

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