Google Chrome’s dark mode is now available on Mac and PC

Chrome 73 was officially released to all users with some new features, including long-awaited dark mode on both Windows and MacOS.

Dark mode was first announced for Chrome last month, but it has been changed to the official version due to today's release. It works as expected. If you turn on dark mode on your computer (MacOS is here, Windows 10 is here), Chrome automatically matches your browser's regularly dark incognito mode automatically. The menu bar. (While Chrome uses dark mode, incognito mode looks almost the same as saving a new icon in the menu bar.)

Chrome is not technically the first to provide dark options or themed options. This is not. Chrome Webstore has been offering Chrome themes for a while (for example, dark mode style), but today's updates are more officially available at the system level. So you do not have to manually switch Chrome back and forth, and Chrome just respects whatever your preferences are.

Conversely, if you do not like the new dark part of Chrome, you can use the Chome theme to return the color scheme to a light style, which seems to be the only way to change colors if there is not enough color reversal. The entire OS setting changes back to light mode.

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