Google Chrome is in danger of becoming Windows – everyone uses it, but no one loves it

You may remember that a few weeks ago I let out a howl of anger about how sick I was that Google Chrome used so much RAM on my PC. While it was certainly cathartic to write all my frustrations, the answer to the article was enlightening. What surprised me was the amount of readers who contacted me and accepted, while sharing their own frustrations with Chrome.

Despite being used by (almost) everyone, nobody seems really fond of Chrome. A piece of widely used software that is not "popular" despite its popularity, that sounds a bit familiar …

I suddenly realized that Chrome could be in danger of becoming Windows. And that is something that Google should be worried about.

Pleasant people

There was a time when Windows was the most used operating system in the world. However, despite being installed on so many PCs around the world, there was no passion, the fandom, that you would expect with such ubiquitous software.

OK, there may be some Windows fans there. Honestly, I once saw someone wear a Windows Vista t-shirt, and I don't think was a Microsoft employee. However, they may have run out of other clean clothes.

But there isn't the same fondness for Windows as other less successful operating systems. Apple has no end of acolytes that will extol the virtues of macOS. And, the community around Linux is one of the best features of the open source operating system.

However, somehow, Windows users never seem to like them so much. And, although not all Windows releases have been a success, I still have flashbacks when looking at the Windows ME boot screen for what seemed like years at a time, some of them have been pretty good.

And it's not that Microsoft hasn't & # 39; I tried to make us love Windows. Remember when Microsoft tried to generate enthusiasm for Windows 7 (a perfectly good entry) by encouraging everyone to organize launch parties. I make. If you managed to forget (how I envy you), contemplate the classic piece of shudder below:

In many ways, you're just organizing a party with Windows 7 as a guest honor. Shudder .

Anyway, my point was that although Windows was used by millions, many people used it just because they had to. They didn't use it because they wanted to. And that is a problem for Microsoft, since it means that as soon as a decent alternative emerges, people will move on without thinking twice.

Fortunately for Microsoft, macOS and Linux have not yet stolen too many Windows users. But the danger persists. And, something similar is happening to Chrome.


Chrome is by far the most popular web browser on the planet at the moment. And, unlike Windows, it is not mandatory for anyone (unless you use Chrome OS or Android). For many people, they choose to install Chrome.

But every time I hear more about people who complain about Chrome. Meanwhile, less successful browsers, such as Firefox, seem to have much more passionate fans.

There seems to be several reasons for this. The first is pure scale. Because many people use Chrome, of course, there will be more people complaining about that than with less popular browsers. And, people who have problems with him are probably the loudest (like me). People who just keep going and don't have any problems, they won't keep talking about it.

And, one could argue that many of us complain about Chrome, but we still use it, it's good for Google, and an accusation of its competitors. If Chrome is really annoying, why aren't we moving to other alternatives?

For some people, we keep Chrome because it stores all our passwords, presents our favorite extensions, links to all our Google accounts like Gmail, and is available on all our devices.

For other people, it's laziness. We complain, but we can't bother to change. For me, personally, it is a mixture of both.

But, will we stay because we love Chrome? Why do we like how it works, or the spirit of the company that supports it? I'm not sure.

And, when a competitor appears who does everything Chrome does but better, and without the hassle, then Google could find its dominant position once threatened, as Microsoft did. Windows is no longer the most used operating system in the world. Android is.

Perhaps Microsoft could recover its own reality, if its Chromium-based Edge web browser becomes a success, and beats Chrome users. However, I can't hold my breath.

So, is there anything Google can do to make people love Chrome? To start, you could stop deleting useful functions. And, perhaps, take some time to understand why people use your browser, and why some people are not happy.

And failing that, maybe Google could take a look at the Microsoft book and try to get people to love their software through [forzadaynototalmentecursidivertida!

If it leads to masterpieces like the videos on this page, it would certainly be A little closer to loving Chrome.

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