Google Chrome 76 beta makes it harder to use Flash, easier to dodge paywalls

The last great feature of Google Chrome was the dark mode on Chrome 73 and 74, and did not leave a note for version 75, but today's beta version of Chrome 76 has some inadequate features that users might want to know.

Adobe Flash is not dead by 2020 but has been blocked by all major browsers for years, but Chrome 76 is taking it one step further. Not only are individual flash items blocked by default, but all current browser features are off by default. If you select the beta version and navigate to chrome: // settings / content / flash, 9to5Google will see that the "Ask First" setting is turned off instead of turned on.

] Google Chrome developer Paul Irish says The website no longer detects when the Chrome browser is in incognito mode. Publishers like The New York Times will have trouble using these search systems and paying subscriptions to keep them from reading an infinite number of free articles.

There is an interesting improvement in Dark Mode itself. Web developers can now program the site to automatically provide a darker version of their Web site when viewing a dark mode browser.

Chrome's stable (non-beta) version of 76 is scheduled for trial on July 30th. You can see additional changes to your Google Chromium blog post.

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