Google CEO says it’s ‘important for us to explore’ search in China

Google CEO Sundar Pichai publicly mentions the company's plans to re-enter the Chinese market with search and news-oriented products at the 25th anniversary summit of Wired You can provide 99% of queries. Pichai explained that the Chinese market is "important for us to explore," given that the Chinese market is likely to be the largest and most profitable Internet user on the planet.

"I wonder what Google looks like if we are in China." Sooner or later, we may or may not be in China, but we felt it was important to explore. I think it is important to us when considering the importance of the market and how many users there are. "

Conversation Between Pichai and journalist Steven Levy, it is the first time that CEO publicly announced Google's China-centric search plan, known internally as Project Dragonfly. Previous information on Project Dragonfly was limited to reports of the initial revelation first reported by The Intercept subsequent internal outflows, and conversations with Google representatives' councils.

Pichai, Has described his company's China plan as very preliminary, but I am confident that internal and external repulsion will be great and intense over the next few months, with many employees signing an open letter urging Google to give up the project. Fear of critics suppresses free expression in China, silences dissidents by the Chinese government, Congress and the White House accused Mike Fence of saying that potential products are a threat to democracy and a way to strengthen custody of communist parties and violate the privacy of Chinese consumers.

] At the end of last month, research scientist Jack Poulson accused him of resigning the company publicly and doing a "unethical" project against the company's value of resuming search products in China. "I am unethical and responsible "

According to The New York Times Poulson said that the Chinese government's decision to withdraw his position was" I refused to disclose information about Project Dragonfly, the version of Google Search that meets my censorship and surveillance needs. After meeting with Google's Chief of Artificial Intelligence, Jeff Dean, he feared that Google employees might ask for work on a philosophically morally unacceptable project. We responded to internal confusion by restricting access to the Project Dragonfly document reported in August.

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