Google breathes new life into Wear OS smartwatches with today’s update

Today, we are announcing software updates for Wear OS smartwatches. I have been using this new version for about a week and it is no higher or faster than what Apple Watch can get, but it is much better than before.

As I wrote last month when Google first released a software update, Google changes what happens when you swipe from the main watch space. The new interface is more aggressively focused on what SmartWatch aims to do, including simple fitness tracking and response to notifications. We also have room to experiment with new features without interfering with the key elements we're interested in.

Much more ambitious than the Apple Watch Series 4 description. Wear OS has had a long hardware problem. Wear OS The partner to create a smart watch is technically inadequate, but small enough, but technically easy to produce. As a result, Wear OS should have a simpler goal that can typically be achieved with older processors.

google breathes new life into wear os smartwatches with todays update

We tested two fossil-making smart watches such as Skagen Falster 1 and the new Fossil Gen. 4 Q Explorist HR. In both cases, the new software will be more nominally responsive than before. But as new animations and gestures feel good (if not), there is a possibility.

However, even the most recent Wear OS watches, Fossil needs to be aware that using the old Qualcomm 2100 processor can make it amazing. The latest watches with the next-generation Qualcomm processor are still pending, but the main improvement is battery life due to the coprocessor. The main application processor is the same as before.

So Wear OS can not feel faster especially when loading applications. Google Maps took up to 5 seconds to start mapping. Load time is the amount of time to wait without waiting for data.

  • Swipe right: Google & # 39; Proactive Assistant & # 39;
  • Swipe left: Google Fit
  • Back to top Swipe: Notice
  • Swipe down: Quick Settings shortcut [19659011] Using four swipes will move you to a better screen than before. For example, Google Fit has recently been updated with a new set of health tracking rings that summarize the number of steps and heart rate in two different states. I prefer a new ring, but people who want more detailed fitness information may think it is too simple. Wear OS Smart Watch or Fit can not be as effective as Apple's ecosystem, but our systems can build a better foundation than we've built before.

    Repeating themes in this update is to set a better base. The same applies to notifications. Instead of having to swipe one by one, you can now smoothly scroll through a single window that is closer to what you see on your phone. You can still expand and use Quick Reply from Google AI to send, swipe, and delete messages.

    Quick settings include six buttons, including buttons to switch from Google Pay. Especially when playing media, this panel shows the currently playing button with the currently playing song and a pause button.

    The reason I think this update can be a great foundation for future updates is that Google has blocked the "around" bits of information on the left side of the screen, which is now called "Proactive Response Helper." A feed of personalized information, such as weather, upcoming calendar events, flights, and more.

    That sort of information that is used to sit in a notification and collect everything in one place makes more sense. Also, if you want to experiment with what AI will show you (19459020) Google means you can interfere more if you want to show AI. [19659018] Installing OS 2.1 is a very good update for existing users, and almost everyone should be able to use it with relatively simple updates. However, is not the kind of update that we think should change the calculation for the new watch purchase. It handles the basics much better than before. But for most Android users, it's a good idea to wait for what a new generation of watches can do before you send out your money. Wear OS has an iPhone-enabled watch, but actually should be just like selecting a round watch with Apple Watch.

    This update configures a small reset for the platform on which to base future upgrades. It's enough to go back to using the Wear OS watch without chewing my teeth, but I do not want to get anything new.