Google, Apple, Microsoft reportedly ignoring safety pleas to add rail crossings to maps

Google, Apple, Microsoft and other technology companies Politico according to a report from the Federal Safety Authority, ignored the recommendation to add railroad crossings to each digital map. The first request was made in 2016 after a commuter train crashed into a truck in California, killing engineers and injuring dozens. But in the years that followed, large map providers failed to take action, the report said.

The inactivity of technology companies is upsetting safety advocates and says dozens of people die in crashes every year in railroad crossings in the United States. These intersections can be less dangerous if the driver can see the driver on digital maps and GPS services that are increasingly relying on daily road navigation.

A crash occurred that triggered a request for action on February 24, 2015, when the Amtrak train was smashed by a truck in Oxnard, California. The train derailed, the engineer died and 32 people were injured. A survey by the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that the truck driver "wrongly turned the road on the railroad because of sudden fatigue and unfamiliarity with the area." As a result, NTSB has large companies as well as other map and GPS providers such as TomTom, Inrix, Garmin, MapQuest, Omnitracs and UPS. The agency instructed these companies to “integrate the same grade cross-related geographic data that the Federal Railroad is currently preparing to navigation applications to provide road users with additional safety signals and reduce the possibility of collision. Or near a public or private intersection. ”

Since then few have adopted the recommendation. Apple, Google, and Microsoft spokespersons did not immediately respond to requests for comment. However, in response to the original request in 2017, Google said it was concerned that it would give users too much information.

“The product team pursues this way with careful consideration of new safety features in the context of the overall product experience. To avoid the evaluation of individual features that may result in overcrowded results and may not provide an optimal experience to the user ”

The only company that responded to the request of NTSB by the Dutch map company TomTom has been railroading on the map for the past 10 years. Mentioned that it contains a crossing.

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