Google announces new sexual assault and harassment policies after mass protest

Last week Google announced a new policy on sexual harassment and diversity in protest by employees around the world. The new policy reflects the demands of protesters meeting with Google leadership earlier this week. "We always know that we have not done everything right in the past, and we apologize sincerely, and we need to make some changes." CEO Sundar Pichai emailed the employees and posted them publicly.

Pichai says that Google will "provide more transparency about how we deal with the problem, we will give better support and care to those who raise them, and we are representative, fair and respectful. We will double our willingness to work. "He included a summary of the new policy. We've released a file with details about the policy.

One of Google's major changes is arbitration for individual sexual harassment and sexual assertion claims, so you can file an unlawful act in court instead of being personally settled. Pichai also pledges to provide "details" to internal reports on Google's harassment. Google will update and expand compulsory sexual harassment training and begin docking performance review scores for employees who have not completed the training.

Pichai is committed to improving the system of reporting sexual harassment and assault. Create a dedicated reporting site that provides real-time support and reporting services for people reporting violence or harassment, and help Googlers meet others to assist others when they meet and discuss complaints.

Some of these changes seem to be specific responses to the organizers' requests for optional mediation and meeting applicants. Others are not directly in demand, but are trying to achieve the same goal. For example, "granularity" can handle requests for publicly disclosed transparency reports, but this seems to be a much lesser effort.

We mentioned some of the other requirements. For example, the organizer requested Google to increase the role of the highest diversity officer and disclose internal reports on race, ethnicity, gender payoffs, or achievement gaps. Pichai focused on "re-examining" diversity, equality and inclusion practices, focusing on improving representation through employment, progress and retention and creating a more inclusive culture for everyone. " I said. The biggest question, such as inviting an employee representative to the board

Google's strike organizers did not immediately respond to policy comments.

The New York Times said Google turned its attention to sexual harassment and sexual harassment among executives and provided Android co-founder Andy Rubin with a $ 90 million retirement package.

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