Google and Twitter lock accounts of artist for having same name as Meghan Trainor

An artist of the same name as pop star Meghan Trainor reported that Google and Twitter were locked out of their social media accounts after incorrectly concluding that they were attempting to impersonate their names. Gizmodo Google's only explanation for the suspension of Gmail was that the trainer violated its company policy, but YouTube and Twitter both confirmed it was a complaint that impersonation was the best.

The artist has been practicing her craft for 15 years, created a YouTube channel in December 2013, and created a Twitter account in September 2012. "All About That Bass," a pop hit, is now much smaller on-line than Trainor's pop star, and a thousand followers compared with [2.15 million] a lot. Trainor Gizmodo reported that the singer attempted to purchase, the original artist's domain.

After challenging her suspension, she was able to regain access to the account and she acknowledges that the incident affected her ability to do her work. Even after trying to fix this problem, it became complicated to try to focus on the issue, and then the Twitter account was locked out and simultaneously escaped from all three accounts.

Online fraud has become a problem on online platforms since criminals. I tried to piggyback the popularity of famous people to encourage fraud. Last year, Twitter saw Elon Musk counterfeiters with handles such as @elonmuskik becoming popular. @elonmuskik has promised to offer decryption if people send a small initial payment. Twitter later said that it would delete such accounts and began locking all unverified accounts renamed to Elon Musk.

In the case of Meghan Trainer, these rules and the algorithms that enforce them can be blunt tools that have a terrible impact on people who are not celebrities.

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