Google and Dell team up to take on Microsoft with Chromebook Enterprise laptops

Google is releasing new Chromebook Enterprise devices to attract more business from Windows-based laptops. Microsoft has dominated enterprise computing for many years, but if an enterprise wants to modernize more and more devices, there is an opportunity for competitors to challenge Windows. Google is working with Dell, one of Microsoft's biggest partners, to push new Chromebook Enterprise laptops to business.

Dell released the Chrome OS on its popular business-oriented Latitude laptop, offering a regular shell design and 2-in-1 option. It may sound like two existing Windows laptops for Chrome OS, but Google and Dell have been working together for more than a year to make these new Chromebook Enterprise devices fit their IT needs. It includes a variety of Dell cloud-based support services that give administrators more control over how Chromebooks are deployed within the enterprise.

IT administrators can more easily integrate these Chromebooks into their existing Windows environment and manage them through it. Tools such as VMware Workspace One. Microsoft and its partners have provided a variety of management tools over the years to help you easily customize and control your Windows-based devices. We've also tweaked the Chrome management console to improve load times, add search on all pages, and fix that using material design elements.

Businesses can choose between Dell's 14-inch Latitude 5400 ($ 699) or $ 13-13. Inch Latitude 5300 2-in-1 ($ 819). Both can be configured with up to 8th generation Core i7 processors from Intel, up to 32GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD storage. Considering that Intel has just announced a new 10th generation processor, the processor option is a bit disappointing, but the blow is slightly mitigated because both devices will offer LTE options and USB-C docking.


Google is currently working with several OEMs to better target enterprise customers. Dell is the first OEM to announce a Chromebook enterprise laptop, but more will be released. John Solomon, Google's vice president of Chrome OS, told The Verge: “This is not Dell's exclusive product. "First we will be launching with Dell … but we will resume this work more extensively through the ecosystem in the future." I can imagine that. Just like present devices to both consumers and businesses. This tight integration now allows OEMs to bundle more software and services stacks on Chromebooks targeting businesses.

Chromebooks have traditionally been used well in education, but haven't received much attention in businesses that rely on Windows. Google's new focus is a major change, but that doesn't mean your company suddenly attracts business customers all night. Solomon said, “Enterprise is more like a marathon than a sprint. “For Google, this is an important moment when we actually communicate that we are very serious about our business. I understand that this project is like an experiment. You can see how it goes. & # 39; This is a long-term and serious commitment. "

google and dell team up to take on microsoft with chromebook enterprise laptops

Microsoft tried to respond to Chrome OS with a Windows 10 S laptop.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

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