Google agrees to pay owners of faulty Pixel phones up to $500

Google agreed to settle a class action lawsuit filed by owners of the original Google Pixel that said the company sold devices with defective microphones. Pending court approval, Google could pay up to $ 500 to certain owners of Pixel for a total payment of $ 7.25 million. Pixel and Pixel XL devices manufactured before January 4, 2017 are covered by the lawsuit.

Google admitted for the first time that there was a problem with some of the phones in March 2017 when it said that less than 1 percent of Pixel phones had a "crack in the solder connection in the audio codec". This caused problems with Call and phone voice assistant functionality. At the time, he said he would take "additional steps to strengthen the connection," but less than a year later, he was hit by a lawsuit from owners who were angry that the company continued to sell the phones, despite knowing about the problems. . .

The owners of the proposed settlement groups for the 2016 Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL in four categories determine the level of compensation to which they are entitled. The highest payment is due to anyone who has returned a pixel with a faulty microphone, only to receive another defective device from the manufacturer. These claimants could receive up to $ 500 in the agreement. Any owner who had a single defective device could get up to $ 350, while anyone who had to pay an insurance deductible could have their value reimbursed. Even Pixel owners who had no problems with their phones could get up to $ 20 from this deal.

This is not the only demand that Google has agreed to resolve this year. In April, the search giant agreed to settle a lawsuit related to the Nexus 6P devices, which suffered from an error that could trap them in a startup problem. As part of that lawsuit, Google and the phone's manufacturer, Huawei, agreed to a $ 9.75 settlement. A final decision on that claim must be made after a hearing on October 10.

Since the court has yet to give final approval in the Pixel microphone case, the link to submit a claim form is not yet valid. You can register to receive updates by filling out a form with the law firm in charge of the case. On June 5 a hearing will be held to decide whether to grant a preliminary approval for the agreement. Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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