Good news Flash lovers! Microsoft won

Hello Flash fans! Microsoft has fiddled with its plans to join the platoon of suppliers with the aim of making the Adobe Swiss-Cheese-like plug-in just a horrible memory by 2020.

Adobe has already announced the end of support in 2020 for the multimedia component, loved by creators of Internet cartoons years ago and hackers for, well, almost always. In 2017, Google said it would end the situation in the same period of time, and Chrome initially requested users to insist on continuing with the technology before removing it completely from the browser by the end of 2020.

With Como el el Microsoft's new Edge browser is based on Chromium, it's no surprise that its shiny new toy does the same.

As with Chrome, Flash should be enabled site by site for Chromium Edge with the default "hell no, Adobe". Given that companies still cling to the ever-decreasing number of sites that require technology, administrators can use Group Policies to control how Flash support works before that 2020 removal.

Things are a bit different for the old Edge (built in EdgeHTML) and Internet Explorer 11. The gang does not plan to update any of the browsers to disable Flash by default. After all, almost no one uses Old Edge and Microsoft has expressed a desire for users to let Internet Explorer rest in peace. However, Flash will still be completely removed from both legacy browsers by December 2020 as planned.

The company had originally stated, as part of the community stabbing component on the back of the unloved one (at least by security professionals at least), that Flash would be disabled by default in IE and Edge (as it was then) in mid or late 2019.

We have asked Microsoft why the change of plans (tos-chrome-coughs), and we will update it if we receive an answer.

Of course, while Old Edge is likely to be appearing next year, once Chromium Edge is unleashed in the public, Internet Explorer will remain alive, as a special type of tab in the new browser for those companies that simply cannot. Let those old web applications pass. ®

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