Golf Clash Wind Chart

Here you can get full Golf Clash Wind Chart and you will know what are the usage of wind chart? and how wind chart works in Golf Clash game?

Golf Clash, can be so easy if the wind doesn’t hit our hits. If you can’t handle the wind properly in Golf Clash, you’re unlikely to win. Isn’t it a problem? There are dozens of endless Golf Clash wind chart and guides, explaining you there.

Exactly that’s the problem – I don’t want to mess with endless lists, charts and more when playing Golf Clash. That’s why I studied a simpler way to deal with the wind without guessing and without having a half library.

Golf Clash Playtime

Golf Clash wind guide

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Golf Clash’s winds, and how to properly adjust it (how accuracy and other statistics are included in this section) and eventually make that knowledge a simple formula. Play Golf Clash without a seat next to the display!

How wind chart works in Golf Clash

First of all, let me show you the theoretical ones to understand how wind works in golf clash. The wind is randomly generated in any direction and there is no fixed pattern, so you need to learn to adapt to the wind. The wind itself moves the ball away from the set position depending on the wind, the number of bounces and the strength of the wind.

How to adjust

Therefore, all you have to do to fight the wind is to move the landing point in the opposite direction of victory. The wind then directs the ball to the desired landing point. You basically say in the wind “no I don’t want to land the ball on point A, I want to land on point B” but secretly you want to land on point A.

The easiest way is to rotate the view so that the wind is facing north. This will help you point in the right direction without guessing.

Golf Crash Wind Chart Usage

  • How to use: (A) is the desired landing point and must be moved to (B) through wind control.
  • Try to land the ball at point A
  • Rotate the camera view so that the wind is facing straight north (it’s easier to adjust)
  • Then check the club and wind charts to see how much you need to adjust.
  • Now move the landing point to point B.
  • Wow… . It’s a lot of work and should I always repeat it ?!

The only reason you need a wind chart is that you need to know the distance you need to adjust. This is what the wind chart will tell you. You need to find out which club and wind you are using and tell you the numbers between 1-5. This number is interpreted as the ring that is displayed, and each ring is a number.

If the number 1.5 is displayed, it should go to the middle of the orange ring. If 3 is displayed, it is the outer line of the blue circle.

Why don’t you like wind charts in Golf Clash?

Ok, headlines can give the wrong impression. A lot of respect is paid to those who have spent time and effort collecting hundreds of hours of wind charts! They basically show how much adjustments you need to make to the wind in Golf Clash.

Golf Clash wind chart spreadsheet

These wind charts are as follows. Full wind chart from golf crash.

Golf Clash wind chart spreadsheet

You don’t like to check this chart all the time, so you can enjoy the game much less. If I don’t check, I’ll miss and lose that place too much (I still don’t enjoy it) That’s why I tried to put these numbers all in an easy formula (or generally speaking).

Wind Chart Without Actual Wind Chart

So how can you dare say there is a simpler way when all these people put a lot of effort into the wind chart? One thing to note when linking all the values ​​is that it depends not on the club but on the accuracy of the club. Therefore, even if it’s not so difficult, you only need to know the accuracy of the current club. Now you need to check this chart once.

Easy wind chart guide of golf crashes

Therefore, there are clubs, selected with an accuracy of 20 and each ring value is 2.6. This is how much wind the entire ring compensates for. When the wind reaches 2.6, you need to move the pooling. When the wind reaches 3.9, move the 1.5 return light.

Sounds a bit complicated at first, but easier than you think. Especially if the accuracy is linear every 10 points, it is worth 0.2 winds per ring. This is the only value you need to remember, it’s easy to calculate in seconds and you don’t need a wind chart anymore!

It is also convinced that this is how the wind is implemented in the game. Keep two more things in mind when using this. You need 100{2149043e656cb7511a8d021e37fdb2cb51b4ccee25009e9925e1a4601c1b7ec1} perfect blow for the adjustment to take effect. If you miss a little hit, the ball will drop somewhere else.

If the wind is higher than 7, you need to give a little curl in the opposite direction of the ball.

How to Create Account for Wind?

It’s not the only way to describe the wind in the shot, but the ring method is the most popular. Using the target cursor’s ring as a guide, you can precisely adjust it to the wind and fire it to the desired position. Calculate the number of MPHs for each ring based on golf clash club’s accuracy rating for the shot.

There are a lot of great guides that can teach you step by step how to learn and master this skill, so I won’t go into more detail than that in practice. If you don’t already know how to use the ring method, it’s a good idea to look at each resource at the bottom of the page and provide at least a shot. It may take some time to learn, but once you stop playing, the game becomes simpler.

As a first step, check out this detailed guide (I’m not sure who created this document, but if you let me know that information, let me know so I can give you credit). It’s about coordination and time management. Both are key elements.

Finally, the numbers you need to know while learning how to ring can be overwhelming. This is especially helpful if the ball bounces a few times. Was it helpful? Doesn’t this make sense? Have a question?

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