GitHub restricts developer accounts based in Iran, Crimea, and other countries under US sanctions

GitHub has begun to restrict developer accounts based on countries that are currently under US trade sanctions. ZDNet While a developer based in Crimea does not have access to his or her personal GitHub repository, other developers in Iran say they have written an intermediate post about restricting their own accounts. A Microsoft-owned company support page indicates that GitHub is taking action against developers located in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

Thanks to Twitter's work GitHub CEO Nat Friedman "Unfortunately, the company unfortunately has had to put new restrictions on private repos and paid accounts in Iran, Syria and Cream." He emphasized that open repositories continue to be available globally and open source repositories are not affected.

"We are doing it because we have to do it." Friedman said . "GitHub will actively support the governments of the world over policies that protect software developers and the global open source community."

GitHub's support page states that limiting accounts means that access to personal storage services and paid services Is suspended. TechCrunch says that developers who need to store export control data can continue working. TechCrunch notes that developers in affected countries will only have limited access to the GitHub public repository service

One developer affected by the measure said that there is no "legitimate ability" to export disability repository content from the company . Friedman says that there is no legitimate Though I do not believe that I can notify these limitations in advance, users can choose to access and replicate their private repositories.

According to the support page, blocking is based on IP address and payment history While visiting the country, (The developer can not use the VPN to circumvent the ban.) One of the developers claiming based on Finland (19459021) had seen their product [국적 및 민족]

A GitHub spokesperson said earlier that an export control service would be required in connection with US sanctions on China. But the company has not yet confirmed whether the developer is being blocked automatically or is on a case by case basis

The Verge has forwarded details of the ban to Microsoft, but the company has issued this general statement. [1] 9659010] GitHub is subject to US trade control laws and promises to comply fully with applicable laws. At the same time, GitHub's vision is to be a global platform for developer collaboration regardless of where the developer resides. As a result, we seriously undertake our responsibility to thoroughly investigate government orders so that users and customers are not affected beyond what is required by law. This includes access and access to support private communications involving developers in licensed areas, including public repository services, including open source projects.

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