Get unlimited minutes, texts and 100GB data with EE

When it comes to SIM offers only, there constantly seems to be more options, more offers and more networks that promise the best rates, that also means that it is increasingly difficult to choose the right one.

If you're looking for an affordable SIMO with a name you know, EE SIM offers just seem like a great option at this time. All plans have a data rate of up to 60Mbps and only EE can get the fastest 4G speeds in the UK.

With its latest SIM-only rates, EE is taking advantage of all the data with an option that offers up to 100 GB for a month, perfect for any heavy transmitter, you will not be without data with this plan. Or, if you're looking for something cheaper and with less data, EE also offers £ 20 for 20GB and unlimited calls and text messages.

If any of this seems ideal, read on while we describe three EE SIM only offers that are the best in general; however, two of them are only available for a limited time. Or compare them with all the best EE SIM deals only today.

These excellent offers of EE SIM only

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EEO of 20 GB SIMO Data Plan | 12 months | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 20 per month
This is ideal for anyone who wants a significant amount of data, messages and texts at a very reasonable and affordable price. With only £ 20 a month, you have unlimited text messages and calls and more than enough data with the fastest 4G network in the UK. In addition, you get the additional bonus of a free 6-month trial with Apple Music.
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EE SIM 50 GB data SIMO Plan | 12 months | 50 GB of data | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 25 per month
This agreement gives you more than twice as much data as the previous one, for only an additional £ 5. Not to mention that you can keep unlimited calls and text message benefits. It is an excellent value, but do not take it until you see our favorite below …
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100 GB EEO SIMO Plan data | 12 months | 100GB of data | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 27 per month
This SIM offer is only perfect for all heavy streamers and people with technological knowledge. With this agreement, you will get an extraordinary amount of data for only £ 27, only an additional £ 2 per month for twice the GB! This is a pretty good deal for the fastest 4G network in the UK. And like the other offers, with this SIM offer you only get a free 6-month trial of Apple music.
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What happens if I want a short-term SIM offer?

If the year is complete it is too long to be tied to a contract, do not worry. We have another option for you: Smarty. He is a relatively new player, but he has very cheap and short-term contracts.

Currently it has reduced its prices and offers a flexible unlimited data plan of 30 days for only £ 18.25 per month thanks to its current 25% discount. So, not only is it significantly cheaper than what EE can do, but it also presents unlimited data without compromise and without speed restrictions.

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