Get ready for your iPhone 11 pre-order with the iPhone Upgrade Program

The iPhone Update Program is Apple's equivalent to an operator's monthly contract. You can update your iPhone every year and pay a monthly fee instead of buying the phone directly. The upgrade path is simple: there is a new iPhone every year and you can update every year. Here’s how to get ready so you can be prepared for iPhone 11 pre-orders. This Friday.

iPhone update program: Get a new iPhone every 12 months

  Apple probably already sent you an email
Apple probably sent you an email already
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Depending When did you get your last iPhone, you may have to pay a balance before you can upgrade to the new iPhone 11. Do it and you will be eligible to order the new iPhones 11 and 11 Pro when pre-orders start on September 13, for your Delivery one week later. The iPhone Update Program extends the cost of your iPhone over 24 months, but you are eligible to update 12 months after receiving your last phone. If you want to update before, you can pay the difference. The actual amount you must pay will depend on your individual contract. And the very good news is that you can take care of all this in advance.

Obtain prior approval of the Apple iPhone Update Program

Apple will allow you to obtain prior approval for an iPhone update using the free Apple Store application. Prior approval is available for current and new customers of the iPhone Update Program. If you want everything to go well when iPhone orders begin, it is essential to obtain prior approval.

To do so, simply open the Apple Store application. Find the iPhone you want and touch See prices . You will see the option Prepare to book now . You will be asked to enter all the information required to configure your prior approval. This includes:

  • Choosing your new iPhone.
  • Choice of your AppleCare + coverage level.
  • Confirmation from your provider (if you have one).
  • Obtaining prior approval of your update loan.

Then, simply use the Apple Store application to place your pre-order on launch day. If all goes well, your order must be made immediately, without failures. Prior approval is available until 9:00 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, September 12.

Advance orders begin the next day, at 5 am Pacific on Friday, September 13.

Return the old

Once your new iPhone arrives (if you choose to have it shipped), you will also receive an exchange kit to send your old iPhone to Apple.

This part here is the reason I don't use the update program. Those old iPhones have years left, and they are perfect to pass to family members. It seems a small point, but the reuse of a product is far superior, environmentally, than even the most efficient recycling program.

Prepare for your iPhone 11 update now

Take some time to configure this now can mean the difference between getting an iPhone 11 on launch day and having to wait weeks for Apple to fill out pending orders. If you have more questions about prior approval for the iPhone 11, Apple has a page with all the details.

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