Get destroyed by OpenAI’s masterful Dota 2 bots this weekend

OpenAI reached a historic milestone in the world of artificial intelligence this weekend when its system Dota 2 called OpenAI Five, easily surpassed the world champion of electronic games of e-sports equipment, OG. of three contest. Now, the AI ​​research organization wants the public to have an idea of ​​what it is like to play against a program that is virtually trained for the equivalent of 45,000 years to play the game at the highest possible level.

The company is calling the Arena platform, and will be live for only three days starting Thursday, April 18 at 9 PM ET. You can register here to get access, because OpenAI says you need to allocate the right amount of computation to handle the simultaneous gaming sessions for your cloud-based AI system.

OpenAI describes Arena as a "public experiment", and is designed primarily to see what happens when the public is allowed to confront its system of outer intelligence. the limits of the strict rules and regulations of the tournaments, and when human abilities are combined with those of their own artificial intelligence system. "We knew that our 1v1 bot would be exploitable through intelligent strategies:" We do not know to what extent the same happens with OpenAI Five, but we are happy to invite the community to help us discover it ", reads the publication of the blog of the

Nor will it be just a competitive competition between humans and the AI ​​OpenAI is also enabling a collaborative mode for Arena where combinations of human players, or just an individual human participant, can be combined with OpenAI Five bots to confront a complete list of five heroes from fellow bots, that way, OpenAI will gather useful information about how well your system can increase the skills and performance of human beings.

"That is an important lesson on how it will work the world, train these things and make them work in parallel, "said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman The Verge in an interview ista during the weekend. "Collaboration is one of the most positive visions we have for the future of the world: artificial intelligence works together with humans to improve humans and have more fun and more impact."

get destroyed by openais masterful dota 2 bots this weekend

Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge

We saw part of this collaborative game in action at the event over the weekend, with live actors playing along with OpenAI Five and describing their strange, sometimes inexplicable behavior. OpenAI had no idea if it would work mixing both humans and bots, but it turns out that AI plays well with its flesh and blood counterparts and can even impart valuable knowledge.

"Note that OpenAI Five exhibits transfer learning to zero shots: it was trained so that all heroes were controlled by copies of itself, but it is generalized to control a subset of heroes, playing with or against humans. We were very surprised that this worked as well as it did, "explains the company." Our evaluators reported that they felt supported by their bot teammates, who learned to play with these advanced systems and that overall was a fun experience in general. "

Now, members of the public can also share some of the fun, just do not expect to win a lot of games, or none at all." The OpenAI Five version that he played and won against the OG team this weekend and that will be available for Arena can beat the version of last year, the same version that was compared with comparable professional teams in the 2018 International Competition Dota 2 : 99.9 percent of the time.

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