Get destroyed by OpenAI’s masterful Dota 2 bots this weekend

The OpenAI Five 19459003 Dota 2 system has set a historic milestone in the world of artificial intelligence artificial intelligence, which has won the world champion e-sports team OG of strategy games. of-three contest. Now AI research institutes will try to taste what the public likes about programs that have been trained for 45,000 years to play at the highest possible level.

The company calls the platform Arena and starts live on Thursday, April 18 at 9 pm ET (ET), and is live for just three days. OpenAI can access and access it by saying that it should allocate the right amount of computing to handle concurrent playback sessions to cloud-based AI systems.

OpenAI describes Arena as a "public experiment" and is designed to see what happens when the public is against an external AI system. The rigorous rules of tournament rules and regulations, as well as human capabilities and AI systems When combining human abilities. "We knew that the 1v1 robot could be exploited through a clever strategy, and we do not know to what extent the OpenAI Five is true, but we are excited to invite the community to find out." reading.

It's not just a competition between humans and artificial intelligence. OpenAI also enables a collaborative mode for the Arena, allowing a human player combination or a single human player to pair up with five OpenAI Five bots to meet the five hero rosters. OpenAI can then gain useful insight into how well the system can complement human capabilities and performance.

In an interview with The Verge at OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in a weekend interview "This is an important lesson on how the world works, how it trains, and how it works in parallel." Collaboration is one of the positive visions we have for the future of the world.

get destroyed by openais masterful dota 2 bots this weekend

Nick Statt / Photos of The Verge

Explores seasoned and sometimes unexplainable behavior with OpenAI Five. Casual casters are part of this collaboration that takes place at the event during the weekend. Although OpenAI has no idea whether to use a mixture of people and bots, AI is well suited to the body and blood,

"OpenAI Five shows zero-shot transfer learning. You are trained to control all heroes with your own copy, but generalize to playing with humans or controlling a subset of heroes. We were very surprised that this worked. "Our testers have learned to play with these advanced systems by seeing what the bot team members are up to, and it's generally an overall fun experience."

Now, Do not expect to win many games: OpenAI Five, which has been played and opened with the OG team this weekend, will be able to beat its own version from last year, which is equivalent to a professional team corresponding to the 2018 International match Dota 2 Competition – 99.9% of the time.

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