German state bans Office 365 in schools, citing privacy concerns

Schools in Hesse, Germany, have ruled that Microsoft's Office 365 will no longer be available due to EU GDPR rules. The Next Web reported that after the German datacenter was closed in August last year, this problem posed a potential risk that user data could be accessed by US authorities.

The telemetry system on Windows 10 collects a variety of data on how products and services are used, depending on how the privacy settings are configured. This data may include an email subject line and any phrases translated using Microsoft software. ZDNet Setting the telemetry data setting in Windows 10 to "Enhanced" allows you to collect system memory contents in the event of a conflict that may contain sensitive information.

A Microsoft spokesman acknowledged the concerns of the commissioner, but pointed out that when Office 365 is connected to the network, the administrator must limit the amount of data already sent to the company. Work or school account. They also pointed out that the company recently introduced new features to provide more control over the data and has previously successfully sued the US government for access to customer data in Europe.

A Microsoft spokesman said, "We are grateful that the Director raised these concerns, and we look forward to working closely with the chairperson on questions and concerns about Microsoft products."

In the past, Microsoft used the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, released last year, to ease concerns about data collection. However, more efforts are needed to address Hesse's data protection supervisor's concern for greater assurance of the security of data processing methods. School software deals with important data related to children, so getting better user consent can not solve them.

This issue is not unique to Microsoft. The chairman also says that schools in Hesse can not use Google and Apple's cloud solutions in a GDPR compliant manner. Currently, the only option for schools is to use locally stored software such as Microsoft's non-cloud Office 2019 unless the company is willing to offer better security for data security.

Updated at 7:15 pm EST, Microsoft's response.

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