Gentle Wakeup Pro – Sleep, Alarm Clock & Sunrise v4.3.2 [Paid] APK Free Download

Everyday Wake Up Gentle Wake Up Pro – Sleep, Alarm Clock & Sunrise v4.3.2 [Paid] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Download Full APK of Gentle Wake Up Pro-Sleep, Alarm Clock & Sunrise v4.3.2 [Paid].

Gentle Wake Up Pro – Overview and Features of Sleep, Alarm Clock and Sunrise v4.3.2 [Paid]

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Overview: Daily soft wake up and refresh
Turn your device into a sunrise simulator and wake up Naturally, by light, the light leads to your body's biological processes, leaving you in a deep sleep phase to prepare for your wake up.

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Sleek and refreshed every day
turns your device into a sunrise simulator and wakes you up with natural light. Light leads to the body's biological processes, leaving a deep sleep phase and preparing to wake up.
You have full control over the wake up process.
Start sunrise 20 minutes before the desired wake up time and at last define your personal brightness level. Slowly increase birds on Twitter and add device vibration as a backup after 5 minutes of wake up. Enjoy a nice weather show before going to bed.
– Alarm Clock: A full featured alarm clock with repeatable alarm and snooze functions.
– Soft Sounds: Wake up with different soft sounds or your favorite music.
– Brightness Control: Brightness is not adjusted smart so it doesn't blend at night.
– Weather Forecast: An animated weather show shows the weather conditions and temperatures of the day.
– Individual Wake Up: Wake up without disturbing your partner.
– Easy and Intuitive: All basic functions can be accessed with symbols directly from the main screen.
– Soft Torch Light: Use Soft Light to find something at night without waking others.
– Portrait and Landscape: The device can be placed in portrait or landscape mode on a stand.
– Auto Start: Automatically starts even if you close the app. Don't drain your battery overnight.
Stop being stressed by the alarm tone in the morning.
Stone age noise meant danger to animals or enemies. We still have an instinct in this brain. You will begin to wake up with the light and never wake up with a sound again.
The next feature is coming soon.
– The sunset / sunset simulator dims slowly over time (sleep timer) so you can fall asleep softly (pool)
– night light
Required Android permission Description:
– photos / media / File: You need to access the storage device to play your own song.
– Camera: You must have access to a camera to activate the flashlight. The camera itself is not used.
– Location: Weather forecasts require location information. You can also set the location manually by searching for the city name.
– Fading Sunlight Simulator allows the sun to rise and set
– Multiple alarms and clocks
– You can choose different ringtones. Ringtone Selectable device or music from playlist.
– Snooze function with time limit does not sleep too late
– No loud alarm when sleeping yet (increase)
– Vibration function can be fully configured
– Slowly lit with sunshine to wake up soft
– At night, the device can be used as a book light in a dark room.
– You can activate your torch with a torch to find something at night.
– Can be used to take a nap even at noon
– LED and xtreme alarm clock vibrate so you can enjoy a comfortable nap and miss the timer
– Set the lamp time for reminders in bed
– Hours Helps to change (daylight savings area, standard time) and time difference delay
New features:
Minor changes
There are no ads in this app

Smooth Wakeup Pro – Sleep, Alarm Clock and Sunrise v4. 3.2 [Paid] APK – Technical Information

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Gentle Wakeup Pro – Sleep, Alarm Clock & Sunrise v4.3.2 [Paid] APK Free Download

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