Geek Trivia: What Is The Most Expensive Video Game In The World?

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For very expensive video games, the console is king. Old computer games are known to fetch pennies or two fetches by nostalgic gamers, but for video game auctions with unreasonably high bids, the old console's cartridge game gets astronomical prices.

The most notable of video game sales is Bandai for Nintendo Entertainment System Stadium Event Auction of the game in 2010. It was released in 1987 as one of the few games available in the U.S. utilizing the family's joyous exercise mats . Nintendo quickly released the mat power pad that came with the world first-class track competition after purchasing the rights to the game and mat. Only 200 copies have been released in the United States and collectors think there are only 10-20 cartridges. In 2010, a factory sealed copy appeared on eBay for $ 41,300. A copy of the World Class Track Tournament will be sold for a few dollars. Stadium Events is the most expensive video game, and there are other games that require big auction prices. Another auction in 2010 turned the old Atari game into a lucky Texas cash pile. Tanner Sandlin of Austin, Texas, who read CNN's article on a rare video game, acknowledged the old Atari title. He went home and dug a game. Air Raid – I put it on ebay. He was a first-generation owner and found to have the only known copy with a box and accompanying work. His copy of his Air Raid brought $ 31,600. Previously it did not cost more than $ 3000 in auctions. The news about the game was poured out to find replicas, and a few years later, a raw copy was found that included a user manual that sold for two years at $ 33,433.

Two other expensive video game cartridges came to us. Courtesy of the Nintendo Contest. In 1990, Nintendo hosted the Nintendo World Championships, a 30-city game contest designed to find the best players in the world. Movie fans see it as a plot of Fred Savage movie The Wizard . 90 finalists (3 different age groups) each received a copy of the timed tournament game. And Lucky Nintendo Power A gold version of the game was sent to the magazine contest winners. Gray cartridges are regularly auctioned for at least $ 4,000 and gold can easily bring in over $ 15,000.

After the promotion of the Nintendo World Championships, Nintendo began hosting the "Challenge" on university campuses across the United States. It was created for the event, but it was provided for events only and was not distributed as a prize money. When the Campus Challenge ended, all cartridges were destroyed. All but a single copy of the 1991 cartridge found in the garage sale of the video game collector Rob Walters (reported to exist in 1992 in three volumes of cartridges) is all. He bought $ 14,000 on eBay, and the buyer turned it over to $ 20,100 after three months. 1991 Campus Challenge Cartridges are one of the rarest NES games in the world. As far as everyone knows, only a single copy exists.

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