Gee, how did women make music before this awful makeup kit-shaped audio interface?

MidiPlus, an audio equipment company in Taiwan, has released a new product called Mirror, which is incomparably sexually different. An audio interface designed to look like an eye shadow palette, including a light up mirror. This website is "specially designed for women," because women can fool them into using a gear only when they imagine it as a sparkling and luminous object. We are like crows.

Since last night, people have been pinging this product to me and writing to me partially, honestly speaking. I can not hear the ping. The audio interface, designed like an eye shadow kit, is actually a parody. It reminds us that Spinnin & # 39; Records tweeting the CDJ, which looks like a stove in 2013, and says, "Thank you for finally developing the CD-J for women." Five years have passed. We moved from sexually jokes about sex-specific audio equipment to a company that actually produces sex-specific audio equipment. Onion -level stuff here.

The Mirror is actually a very basic audio interface with strange labels. A 24-bit 192kHz audio box with preamplifier and phantom power, two 8-inch and 1/4-inch headphone outs, an 8-inch input with a phone icon, a 1/4 inch input, and a microphone. Packaged in a case that mimics the eye shadow palette, each color pot is a volume dial for input or output.

Copies of websites are only aggravated when they are no longer read. "Smoothly open the cover."

Because there is already a gender break in the field of music technology and someone in the marketing team knows more about what women want than women, It was necessary to guarantee a boring stereotype. themselves. The only highlight of this terrible thing is the female music producer at the expense of the funny thing of (19459010) [Twitter] . Verge will contact MidiPlus for feedback and updates.

You can joke about how Doritos' lady Doritos is different. Instead of a mirrored audio interface, you can call it AudioInHerFace. But the real joke – not funny – is that this product is real at first.

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