Gears 5 is a spectacular return to form

series, but my expectations for Gears 5 were not very high. Microsoft didn't show anything in its game campaigns until last week and it was hard to avoid the feeling that the franchise was running out of ideas. Gears of War 4 in 2016 was not a bad game, but a very safe and unambiguous game. In my review, the developer The Coalition said they would be disappointed if they took a similar conservative approach.

Gears 5 wasn't disappointed.

The Great War campaign that shakes the formula while maintaining inimitable behavior. Do not worry. Gears 5 is as boring and intense as Gears . You are still debilitating half the enemy. However, the game adds some smart new elements, and most of all, it's a lot of heart.

gears 5 is a spectacular return to form

Gears 5 is divided into four acts. Both of these actions work somewhat similarly to all other Gears games. Moving along a linear path, it expands into a wider area for the series' unique muscle-based cover-based combat. You can wait a lot of time hiding behind the walls and pillars.

Here Gears 5 was as good as Gears . The level design is solid and original, using new materials to welcome each weapon and enemy. The biggest change is that the robot companion, which was previously invisible until the door was conveniently opened, is now an active member of the firefighting team and has various abilities to upgrade to the RPG-ish skill tree.

The other two chapters are quite different and see federation experiments using open world design. Gears 5 is not exact Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . You'll explore the great scenery on a ski, a mechanically impossible vehicle like a cross between a kite and a ski two, and the physical part of that object is so fun that you want to see as many worlds as possible.

Of course, you will find that there are not many in the world. The space is quite large, but usually inadequate, with some minor locations and hidden items. Imagine being able to imagine if Shadow of the Colossus manipulated horses like 10 side missions and Tony Hawk. While not a design revolution, the freedom to take aim at your own pace makes the Gears 5 feel much less repetitive than its predecessor. This is still a game about monster shooting. However, in most campaigns, you can decide when to shoot at least .

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Sometimes you don't want to, but you're often in the air. Gears 5 is one of the most prominent games ever made, and is best seen in the skip section. From the red desert struck by thunderstorms to the icy tundra with bullets far away from enemies being submerged, the coalition makes the artistic power as well as flexible. 5 campaign. It's the most brilliant game in the series and it's even better.

This is the best written game so far. It's surprising that most of the Gears 5 are Kait Diaz and their focus shifts. I did not feel coerced or even directly acknowledged for the move to the first female lead of the series. Gears 5 's intrigue centers on Kait's legacy to provide inspirational momentum for storytelling even when the world collapses around a character. This game is a great help to build personal and world class stakes. Thanks to Laura Bailey's strong performance, Kait's struggles are incredibly delicate, including shocking moments.

Gears sparked curiosity that the game wasn't as well delivered as ever, but 5 uses more subtle characters as a way to delve deeper than ever. Of course, the traditional gear joke still exists, and it can not be said that all the jokes begin. But the difference is an additional dimension. Again, this is not the same fundamental reconstruction as last year's God of War but it is the only advance in Gears .

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The campaign is ending too soon, which is not the worst thing. Nevertheless, Gears 5 spends a long time making antagonists without providing a real price. The game essentially ends in the Cliff Hanger. Given the quality of the previous time, I think it's a movement of force, but I'd say you didn't expect rolling when the credits did.

Gears of War 4 felt like a game for the team to prove. The Union wanted to show that it could make a real gear game and was successful. However, with Gears 5 the studio has something else to prove. Can you add meaning to the formula and reaffirm the relevance of the series?

The answer is clear. Everything About Gears 5 Waters with passion and confidence, from the depth of sincere writing and knowledge to the intentions of structural creativity and experimentation. The game wasn't able to reproduce the technical impact on the system originally provided by Gears of War in 2006, but it has established itself as the most powerful entry in the whole series.

Gears 5 is surprising. It's the best game ever published by Microsoft over the years. A title that does not contain " Forza Horizon " sets Coalition to serious creativity. Even if you're not interested in Gears of War check out the Xbox Game Pass.

Gears 5 is available for purchase on September 6 and on September 10 in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Xbox One and PC . ]

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