Gears 5 had the biggest launch week of of any Xbox Game Studios title this generation

  Gears 5 video game on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass

Gears 5, the last great hit game that comes from Xbox Game Studios had the biggest release for any first generation game for this generation of consoles, Microsoft announced today. That is not really surprising considering that Microsoft has been promoting the game like crazy, providing great fan service by including characters from Halo: Reach, Terminator: Dark Fate and even Dave Bautista himself.

"The performance easily doubled the debut of Gears of War 4 of the first Week and made Gears 5 is the most played Xbox Game Studios title in its first week since Halo 4. The first week of 2012 includes the four-day early access period that begins on Friday, September 6, which was exclusive for members of Gears 5 Ultimate Edition and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. On the PC, Gears 5 has almost tripled the performance of its predecessor, becoming the biggest launch of Xbox Game Pass for PC and the best debut of Xbox Game Studios on Steam, " wrote Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Marketing for Xbox Games

Gears 5 received excellent reviews after its launch, and last week we reported that it beat Fortnite as the most played game on Xbox One. That is no longer the case after launch of B orderlands 3 on Friday, but Gears 5 developer, The Coalition, has already detailed its extensive post-launch support plans with a series of "Operations", each lasting 3 months.

As usual, Microsoft does not share any data on how many Gears 5 units it has sold since its launch, and it is very likely that it will make the game available on Xbox Game Pass on launch day has cannibalized game sales. However, getting players on the Xbox Game Pass train is probably what Microsoft really cares about, and Gears 5 is probably an excellent bait for that.

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  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: $ 14.99 / month $ 2.00

  Gears 5
  Gears 5

Developer: Xbox Game Studios

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