Games Like Stardew Valley

Your beloved Stardew Valley offers endless gameplay. There is no final game in itself. Discover all the secrets, make friends and upgrade your house to the maximum, so you can farm according to your mind. But if you get tired of the pixelated charm of the valley, there are other games that offer a similar experience.

Games Like Stardew Valley

Games Like Stardew Valley

There will be another game that will give you the same pleasure whether farming life is what you crave, relationships with villagers or caving. Read a list of 10 games like Stardew Valley game.

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1. Rune Factory 4

An art-style role-playing game inspired primarily by anime, the game is far more story-driven than the Stardew Valley. One of the sharing features is farming, marital skills, and dungeon exploration. Also the craft is heavy. Your character gets stronger on the various stat boosting equipment you create.

The game’s dating event is deep and dramatic when compared to Stardew’s rather peaceful event. Also, as ruler of the Kingdom of Celpia, you can give orders such as requesting events and combating storms!

2) Moonlighter

This game is not a farming game, but the generated atmosphere reminds me of Stardew anyway. Gameplay is slightly different, day or night. During the day, the character runs the store, manages employees and prices, and upgrades the store if necessary. Once again you can interact with the villagers and as a store customer you may have certain needs.

You can also craft equipment and armor. At night, there are also other challenges such as visiting dungeons, collecting valuable items, and most importantly fighting enemies and bosses.

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3) Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

The Harvest Moon game is widely known to be inspired by the Stardew Valley, and if you’ve played the game so far, it’s not hard to see why. Despite the name change, the Story of Seasons series is understood as the spiritual continuation of Harvest Moon. The trio of the village was loved by many fans. Like Stardew, you can marry a character and, of course, spend time on farming.

There are three cities with different indigenous crops to try, and you can also mine ores. A fun add-on is to give gifts to become friends with wild animals and build friendships. A versatile and loved game.

4) Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: You can’t run a farm on New Leaf, but how about running an entire village? As the mayor, you are responsible for telling about various event decisions such as the satisfaction of villagers, the maintenance of the city, and fireworks. The social side is similar to the social side of the Stardew Valley.

You can be friends with the villagers, send gifts or keep the distance. A fun feature is the ability to send letters. If you like to threaten fictional villagers, you will be able to get kicks by sending aggressive words. You will also receive a completely favorable answer from the famous villagers.

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5) My time at Portia

A little different from the peaceful farming life of the Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia lies in the post-apocalyptic world. Instead of trying to restore Grandpa’s farm, he tries to build a father’s workshop and make it as broad as possible. Naturally, crafting is a big part of gameplay.

But the picture is quite different. The game features 3D, almost cartoon graphics instead of pixel art, but it still has a charm. Not to mention the ancient ruins, you’ll find villages with different dungeons to explore. If craft is your job, go

6) Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

For a more adventurous experience, try Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Depicted by some when Zelda met the Star Dew Valley, the game lets you enjoy beautiful visuals and peaceful music through the open world of the mysterious island. Most of the time, you need to find a magical sprite that will help you get rid of the fierce mist called Murk, which destroys the environment and hinders the lives of the inhabitants.

Farming, fishing and crafting are going on so you can fix your farming, but exploration is the focus here. In addition, the lack of combat creates a rare but quiet and enjoyable atmosphere.

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7) Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

You can’t see farming in this game, but there are daily grind types of gameplay. In Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, you play the role of “Alansee girlbeast” who dreams of a better life and picks up trash on alien planets. Everyday work and existential topics are related games like Stardew Valley game.

It uses a completely different setting but is 3D but the pixelated aesthetic is similar. The repeatability of gameplay can be too much. You can see that Stardew is better made. But it features cool retro 8-bit style music.

8) Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life offers a wide selection of wonderful and fantastic worlds and how to live in them. Each of the 12 lessons uses different skills to change gameplay, so you can choose your lifestyle. It features an open world with many quests and crafting opportunities. There is a main storyline to follow at your own pace.

This may affect the availability of some in-game areas, but some can be left incomplete. As you progress through the story, you get stronger and more attractive characters join the quest. It is worth playing in this game through several different life paths.

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9) Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Another game that runs a store, Recettear is currently 8 years old but still well maintained. The game shows caring for a new item shop for a girl named Recette and an adventurer run by a fairy named Tear. Challenge enemy creatures in various markets or with loot to choose where to stock. You also set the price of the product to determine the layout of your store.

The time management aspect is reminiscent of the time management of the games like Stardew Valley, and despite the cute and visual elements, the RPG element adds some refreshing difficulties.

10) World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn is a good example of another game with a warm and relaxed atmosphere. You can take care of your farm, including crops and livestock, and work in much the same way as like Stardew Valley. You can also fishing, mining, and build relationships with residents.

Festive mini-games are highlights with different types available throughout the year, such as the LockBall Bash and Townsfolk Trivia. LockBall is a fun little game where you can bet when you actually play against other characters.

Games Like Stardew Valley

So this was the list of 10 best games like Stardew Valley game you should play now. Hopefully you like these games.

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