Games Like Clash of Clans game 2020

Clash of clans game is one of the most played mobile game of all time and still has a considerable user base in 2020. Here are best games Like Clash of Clans game 2020 including Clash Royal, Lords Mobile, Age of Empires: Castle Siege, Call of Duty Hero, St. Clash War Empire, Jungle Hit Clan Wars, Total War Before: Kingdom, Pirates pirates, Boom Beach and War Dragons. You can also download and play Clash of Clans game,.

10 Games Like Clash of Clans Offline

Many games like Clash of Clans, have been successful and will look at some alternatives to this game. Today we have the best game like Clash of Clans game. Here is the list of Top 10 Games Like Clash of Clans game.

 Clash of Clans gameplay trailer

1. Clash Royal

According to the same developers in the clash of clans, the first version of the list is Clash Royale, and is slightly different in gameplay. This game focuses on 1v1 or 2v2 real time battles with other players. In this game you can do everything you can to build the ultimate battle deck, form a clan, make friends in a duel, or work together to open a big clan chest. Clash Royale is similar to clash of clans, which is specialized for dueling rather than building fortresses.

2. Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile: Imperial battles are considered strategic RPG mobile games, so you can conquer other players, win the castle and win. Game Like clash of clans game, there is a guild system that can train your army and fight your opponent. This kind of mobile game is just fun if you have a community. You have to defend your castle from destruction. This skill has a war hero or a king with special skills and can recruit them for battle. It’s a strategy game, so whether you win or not depends on the army you’re bringing forward.

3. Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Age of Empires is another mobile game similar to the Clash of clans, built in the Middle Ages. You can choose from a variety of civilizations such as English, Kiev rous, and tuton. Your role is to upgrade and enhance your defenses against external forces such as attackers. You also need to train your army to attack other cities and use them in combat with your opponents.

4. Call of Duty Hero Also similar to Clash of Clans game

Call of Duty is a well-known FPS game on PCs and other platforms, that’s  why i call this game games like clash of clans for pc but you may not realize that many people are playing mobile games. This game is not a FPS because it is a 3D combat strategy game. Customize your base and train your army to defeat your opponent. You can achieve victory by directing some of the familiar Call of Duty heroes (such as price and soap).

Using unmanned aircraft attacks, healing packages, UAVs, and other methods, you can use stripes that can greatly hurt your opponent. There are four modes in this game: PvP, Campaign, Challenge and Survival. It is a game like clash of clans games, except that you use a soldier with a gun instead of a fantasy and medieval genre weapon.

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5. St. Clash War Empire

Castle Clash is another alternative to the CoC and is similar in function. You have to build really strong fortresses and there are many other units that can create great armies. This game has a hero and can be collected and used. However, there are some differences. First, there are pets in the game. Second, you can fight with your boss with your boss. This genre is a unique feature of this genre. Even when you make friends, you have to enter the guild, and sometimes you can tame the guild.

6. Jungle Hit Clan Wars

Here is a list of some of the best games, such as Clash of Clans. Jungle Hit: Clan Wars. If you’ve done it before, it’s visually similar. One of the great things about games is its cross-platform capability. This means you can move your smartphone’s account to a tablet or other platform, making it more flexible.

The game’s setup is quite a wild jungle where gold and oil are at stake. Your role is to fight the warriors who help Aborigines and collect wealth. In this game you build your own base, train powerful armies and heroes, and eventually battle against other players.

7. Total War Before: Kingdom

Another mobile game that can be played cross-platform is Total War Battles: Kingdom. In this game you have to build a kingdom with blacksmiths, farms, and so on. You can also create mountains, lakes and rivers in Total War. In addition, you must train your army in directing them in battle with other players in real time. At the same time, you must protect your kingdom from being destroyed by others. If you games like CoC, you would like this game.

8. Pirates pirates

If you need a pirate of Clash of Clans, Plunder Pirates will probably be your answer. This game is very similar except that the topic or setting is in Pirates and Marines. Pirate Island must be built with all kinds of defenses and firepower. In addition, you recruit pirate crews from different classes, and each class has its own unique skills. The more you play, the more you can upgrade your bass and crew. There are legendary pirates that can be collected from this game. This game features a sea monster apart from the general enemy.

9. Boom Beach is also similar to Games like COC

Boom Beach is an alternative to the CoC, and it’s no wonder Supercell is not the same developer. In this game you can attack enemy bases and get some resources and looting. This resource can be used to upgrade your base to prevent enemy attacks. Unlike Clash of Clans game, this game actually has a cooperative mission to take Blackguard Bosses. Boom Beach also features the mysteries of the large tropical islands and Life Crystals.

10. War Dragons

War Dragons pc game is also a part of games like clash of clans for PC Last but not least, you can check out the 3D strategy game War Dragons and command the dragon. There are more than 100 dragons with different kinds of abilities and attack power. You can make a really powerful army by breeding them. There are also huge monsters that you can unlock to control almost in battle.

War Dragons has a guild feature, you can join a guild to make friends or plan attacks against other guilds. As with other combat games, you must build a fort with a defensive wall that can not be defended enough for other players to attack. This game is a dragon version of Clash of Clans.

So this is the list of 10 Games Like Clash of Clans game hopefully you love it.

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