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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular kingdom building games in game history. The premise is simple. Build your kingdom, defend your online opponents and attack other online opponents for loot.

About Games Like Clash of Clans

The game is deep enough to actually fit in, but it’s accessible enough for casual gamers and it’s really well balanced. But like most games, you can eventually get sick. If you are looking for a replacement for Clash of Clans but still want to play a similar game, you are in the right place.

All these games are kingdom construction games with online PvP elements. There are some best games for PC like Clash of Clans. Of course you can download and play Clash of Clans game by clicking here,.

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1. Dawn of the Titans

Dawn of Titans is one of the new kingdom building games like Clash of Clans, it offers much more advanced graphics and gameplay. You’ll be at war with thousands of troops instead of dozens, giving you a real feeling of war. The game also has a campaign mode, various special events and an online PvP.

This is one of the best looking games in the kingdom builder genre. But we have some subtle differences in gameplay. It worked fine in the test and it’s still great even if it’s a premium title.

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2. Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: commander had a pretty big shot thanks to that name. After that it fell a bit in the background. Nevertheless, it’s actually a pretty solid game. You will choose to fight for rebellion or empire and there are playable characters on both sides.

Beyond that, you can upgrade your army, heroes and bases just like other war games like Clash of Clans. You can still put your base where you want, and there are a lot of fun places in Star Wars.

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3. Boom Beach

Boom Beach is another kingdom construction game on mobile. Your goal is to build a base along the beach. The opponent must raid the beach to stop the defense. Unlike most games like Clash of Clans, this game actually has a fairly long campaign mode. It adds another element of gameplay that is not in most titles of this genre.

Adding multiplayer and co-op missions is even deeper than this. Since it’s by Supercell, it’s really appropriate that a Clash of Clans style game is by the same developer.

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4. Castle Clash

Castle Clash: Brave Squads is one of the more popular games like Clash of Clans offline. Boasts more than 50 million installations. With this game you will build and defend your village and defeat your opponents. However, you can level up your heroes, play against other heroes, collaborate with team dungeons and do a few other things.

This performs better on the pack than most competitors do. If you like Clash of Clans but want something more balanced, it’s a great game. It was called Castle Clash: League of Legends, and Castle Clash: Brave Squads. However, it seems that you have updated the game long enough to guarantee a name change.

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5. Brave Conquest

Brave Conquest is one of the new kingdom building games like Clash of Clans. Players build their kingdoms on a grid similar to other types of RTS games. You also have to train your army and fight the enemies of real and AI. Players have access to a variety of troops, spells and heroes like most games on this list.

But we’ve seen complaints about the game not working properly on low-spec devices, and of course the free play side provokes people from time to time. Otherwise you are a competent kingdom builder.

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6. Stick Wars: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is a bit different in the kingdom construction game genre. A game where you build an army and attack your opponent’s army to give everyone a command. If you want and there is a lot of action in the game you can control the whole army or individual troops.

Not as deep as most other titles, but still have the same basics as resource mining. You need at least some strategies to succeed. Like all stick figure games, it’s a bit awkward but still fun.

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7. Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a kingdom building game that plays a bit more like Boom Beach than Clash of Clans. But the basic premise still exists. Gain heroes, train your army, and bite your enemies with PvP. The game introduces some RPG elements when leveling up the hero. You can also kill bad guys on the world map to get extra treasures. Like most of them, you can also form guilds to get help from other players.

The game has a history of connectivity issues and playing free elements gets in the way after a while. It’s not a deal blocker, but it’s something you need to know.

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8. Siegefall

Siegefall is Gameloft’s Kingdom creation game. This combines the simple idea of a kingdom building game like Clash of Clans with a card collecting mechanism. Train your troops, level up your heroes and build your base as usual. However, orders come in the form of cards.

They can do things like you heal your army or summon a dragon. Collect while playing. Graphics are better than average and Gameloft, has been pretty good so far but I haven’t seen any updates for almost a year.

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9. Jungle Heat

Jungle Hit: The Revenge Weapon is a clan of clan clones that likes to focus more on heroes. There are a few of them, each with their own unique abilities. Otherwise it’s a very familiar game style. You build bases, upgrade defenses and attack other players. The advantage is that you can play it on your computer via Facebook.

It also supports Windows Phone. Jungle hits also include tournaments to help keep players engaged. Recent updates have been somewhat harsh to players for a long time. But we think they will be sorted out soon.

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10. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade has a history of the kingdom building game genre. It comes with 11 civilizations from history and you can choose what you want to play. Players build their kingdom and expand their land as they play. They also train and upgrade troops for battle.

Heroes are real historical characters and can be leveled up with skill tree RPG styles. Slightly deeper than most games in this genre, you can play for a while before you can play for free.

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Final words about Games Like Clash of Clans free download

So this was the list of top 10 games like Clash of Clans all games are free to download and play. You can download these games by clicking the download button that we gave.

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