Game of Thrones’ new episode featured a modern coffee cup

Game of Thrones the most watched and analyzed television show, aired a great moment of discontinuity of the tradition last night, like a celebration party in Winterfell that included a clearly modern take-out coffee cup among all the metal wine glasses. It is not obvious who was the coffee drinker on set, or what flavor of the Starbucks beer they enjoy, but the position of the cup was on the great table of the nobles, in front of Jon Snow's seat. It is also not clear if this was a mistake, which would require that all the actors and producers, in addition to all the editors, not notice, or some ironic deliberate insertion so that people get angry and talk about the program yet more .

The producers of GOT surprised their audience in season 3, when the episode "Walk of Punishment" concluded with a rock song completely out of context. This new invasion of modernity in the fantasy world of the show will surely have fun as much as it has fun, and already has the brigade of Twitter memes that creates jokes.


Also, here is my theory unlikely, but strangely credible, about how this modern cup ended up in a fantasy show of very different technological development:

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