List of all Game of Sultans Codes in 2021

Here is Game of Sultans Gift Codescheatsviziersconsortsevent schedulelevelsguide tips and tricks. Use these Game of Sultans 2020 codes to get unlimited Diamonds, Badge Packs, Energy Orb, Gold, Book XP Pack, and Invitation for free!

About Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans, a new empire simulation game by Mechanist Games, the game lets you experience a new life these days. Test your strategic skills as a Sultan. In-Game of Sultans game players have to build the best empire with interesting spouses, busier and many heirs.

Users need to create the best allies and enemies in the game. Developers are already offering exciting gameplay that is competitive and collaborative. This strategic game has to do with a few key features that offer a lot of benefits to gamers.

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Game of Sultans gameplay for Android

VIP gifts and high-level cheats

In this game, a person must choose a reward that will help him build a powerful empire in the game. Regularly complete quests that will improve your game income. Use Game of Sultans Cheats, this game also comes with unlimited diamonds, coins and gold.

Game of Sultans Levels

Improve the level of Sultan to increase the character’s level, users need to unlock some facilities, such as masquerade, that can easily meet love interests.

As you increase the level of Sultan, players will automatically experience improvements in the Imperial Parliament, wealth and more. It is one of the great military expansion games where you have to make the best soldiers.

If possible, complete campaign battles to help level up the Sultan. Use additional resources to increase XP in the game. Users should use the sultans game tips to upgrade Sultan.

Tips and tricks

Going further, it’s a good idea to invest a significant amount of time in research and take a glance at farm quests, union warfare and more. Improve your sultan’s level, which will increase your chances of winning in the game.

Game of Sultans Viziers

Viziers are the most important figures in the kingdom. They will help players expand their domain. Viziers has to do with four key skills:





Make sure you choose the Vizier with the highest skill level. There are great viziers in games like Fazil, Hadim and Veli. It’s a good idea to consider highly trained viziers that will enhance your gaming chances. Don’t look for something unreliable on the complex level.

There are two main viziers to help you easily complete your campaign mission.




You should always make a strong and desirable sultan. After that, you need to give birth to a strong heir to the game. It is your responsibility to use the consortium to get the best heirs. Heirs are rather important to help improve your kingdom statistics.

Sometimes it can be difficult and expensive to choose a match that is suitable for the heir. If you face any problems while completing the most difficult levels, it’s a good idea to use cheats for Game of Sultans and get rid of the complicated problems.

After considering these tips, you can proceed quickly. If you don’t have enough in-game currency, it’s a good idea to use a hack tool that can eliminate the problem in the game.

Spouse and heir

The consortium is considered one of the most beautiful women in Harem. If possible, an individual must join a true Harem who will be the heir. To produce beautiful heirs in Game of Sultans, you have to use the cheat game of the orthodox Sultan heir.

Heirs have to do with one of the great chains of properties that can improve the four properties of the Empire. Heirs have been proven to help spread the power of the Empire. It is easy to prepare for the marriage of a specific player.

The consortium is an NPC character that Sultan takes as a wife to meet and produce heirs. Sultan first meets his spouse at a masquerade. Meeting the consortium several times increases intimacy, and eventually, Sultan can make the consort his wife.

A married consortium can be found in Harem, but Sultan will still face the most prom. Consorts are often related to viziers, and visiting consort can lead to Consort XP, which can be used to improve Vizer’s statistics. Heirs may also occur when visiting the consortium.

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+1 intimacy increases when you meet a married spouse at a masquerade. The consortium has two statistics:

Intimacy & Charm

The higher the intimacy, the higher the heir property. Charm affects the experience of the consortium when visiting. The higher the VIP level, the more free upgrades and masquerade restrictions apply.

Game of Sultans Gift Codes

The promo code is a special code that allows you to get a specific reward from the corresponding menu in settings (profile> settings> promo code). The promo code cannot be issued or issued by the administration to honor important events such as holidays, New Year, March 8, etc. Promotional code and invitation code are two completely different things.

You can see Game of Sultans Gift Codes in the picture

Developers announce gift codes for each holiday or announce an important event in a game or community (one of the codes was player encouragement for 100,000 subscribers in the group). For the convenience of our readers, we’ve seen a lot of resources and video clips, so you can enjoy some gifts in the game.

  • Zsj2018-diamond wallet, printing resources, technology token.
  • Gift95-100 diamonds, wallet of resources, the realm of knowledge, realm of power, realm of energy.
  • Sweetsultanbonus-100 diamonds, resource seals, 2 war codes, improvement tokens.
  • Sultancongrats-100 diamonds, resource wallet, printing resources, technical volume.
  • Gift95-100 diamonds, wallet of resources, a realm of knowledge, realm of power, realm of energy.
  • Gosnewyear77-100 diamonds, improvement tokens, energy zones, knowledge Almanac.
  • Sultanbonus-100 diamonds, power spheres, cupid pendants, knowledge spheres.
  • Sultan30k-100 diamonds, power sphere, cubcubant pendant, resource print.
  • Sultangiving2018-100 Diamonds, Power Spears, QQ Punt Pendants, Knowledge Spears
  • Rtop777-100 diamonds, resource wallet, resource seal, knowledge area, improvement token.
  • Gameofsultan-100 diamonds, 4 technical volumes, resource printing.
  • Cumriye95-100 diamonds, a purse of resources, realm of energy, realm of knowledge.
  • Holloween2018-100 diamonds, precious paper, skill amount, 10 war codes.

The code quickly becomes obsolete. If possible, add a new gift codes in game of sultans,. Some codes are valid for a limited time so don’t miss out!

How to get an invitation code in this game?

You can get the correct invitation code in the game chat. However, you can’t copy it for typing later, so be prepared to write or take a screenshot! The invitation server cannot be used by players on other servers, so the code provided by the gaming community is mostly useless.

You can also issue an invitation code. Rewards are given for every 5 or 10 entered the invitation code. See the screenshot (the chest has 100 diamonds). You can view the invitation code by clicking Map (menu at the top right)> Invitations.

It’s a good idea to distribute the invitation code when you start the game. Then no one is invited. It’s a good idea to use a friendly player’s code, for example, the leader of an alliance.

Where to enter the codes in the Game of Sultans?

To enter the invitation code, tap the card (menu at the top right)> invitation> accept> “enter invitation code” field.

To enter your promotional code, click Profile> Settings> Promotional Code.

How to use all sultans hack APK mod?

There’s nothing better than a game of a modified game version where a person can necessarily use cheats. It’s better to use a modified game file that can also be installed on IOS and Android phones. Everything you need to download specific applications and level up your game. Let’s begin-

Finding undetected and legitimate mods can be a daunting task for a person because you have to invest enough time in research. If possible, players should use bots provided in the form of cheats.

To increase the gold gains in the game, players must earn Sultan VIP Points to improve the level of the game.

Use VIP level cheats to help you get unlimited diamonds, gold and more. The vast majority of people get unlimited

XP using great cheats

You can find a lot of people hacking diamonds for free using cheats.

Find a true virtual currency generator. The user has to tap the create button to get unlimited in-game resources. You can see that many people rely on cheats and gift codes that offer a lot of diamonds and gold.

Game of Sultans Consorts

Sultans can use Vigor to visit Consorts randomly several times a day. When all vitality is exhausted, the player waits until the cooldown is over and replenishes it by replenishing the Orb of Vitality. Diamonds are required to visit certain consorts. As the consortium’s statistics increase, the cost of visiting the consortium increases directly. VIP 3 will unlock your auto visit.

Game of Sultans Event Schedule

Events happen frequently in Game of sultans. Most events last the past 3 days, and many events are refreshed with rewards and other features upon game reset. Other events such as the ranking rush determine which players are eligible to participate in other major events such as cross-servers and ruins.

Some events, such as Lamp and Siege Resistance, offer only a small amount of reward unless the player uses gold or diamonds to advance their progress.

Pirate Hunter, Infinite Horserider and Romance offer multiple awards and are the most profitable side quest games depending on the player’s abilities.

When will be the next event

Officail page of Game of Sultans posted on Facebook:

We will close the Game of Sultans server to patch the content of v2.4 to all players at the time needed for server optimization scheduled at 06:00.)

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