goes down after GoDaddy threatens to pull domain

Gab, a controversial social network with remote rights, took his website offline after domain provider GoDaddy gave him 24 hours to move to another service. Other companies, such as PayPal, Medium, Stripe, and Joyent, cut off Gab on weekends, and the move takes place. Robert Bowers, who shot and killed 11 people in the Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday, has a history of posting anti-Semitic messages in Gamble.

GoDaddy confirmed the decision in a statement .

"We notified that it had taken 24 hours to transfer the domain to another provider because it violated our Terms of Service. In response to complaints received over the weekend, GoDaddy promoted violence against people "

Gab is currently working on a website that aims to" re-engage with new online services "and that the company is" under attack ". have. The mainstream media was in the mainstream media to protect free expression and personal freedom for all and to enforce law to ensure justice for the terrible atrocities in Pittsburgh. "

Gab's Twitter account yesterday [ "

GoDaddy likewise supported the Neo-Nazi news site Daily Stormer because it hosted Joyent's support decision, Has stopped. Heather was published about the murder of Heather in protest in Charlottesville last year. Meanwhile, large companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have taken various steps to remove Gab from the platform.

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