Fujifilm’s X-T30 is a smaller, cheaper version of the amazing X-T3

Fujifilm sticks to the pattern established over the last few years and has many of the advantages of its flagship product after launching the X-T3 with a small, lightweight and affordable camera. According to the company, the X-T20 is a best-selling X series camera, so it is important to create valuable follow-up work. The new X-T30 ships next month at $ 899 (body only) or in a kit with an 18-55mm lens in the company for $ 1,299. (A 15-45mm kit will also be available for $ 999.) Black and silver color options will be available with new charcoal "charcoal silver" to be released in June.

From the front, the X-T30 looks very similar to the X-T20. But Fujifilm did some manipulation with the rear design. The company found that adding a focus joystick and removing the d-pad makes the various dials, focus levers, touch screen and Q-button (in a more convenient place for thumb access) suitable for camera control. The rear LCD is 10 percent thinner than the X-T20. The whole package is much cheaper than the X-T3. I think it is too small to be my daily routine.

fujifilms x t30 is a smaller cheaper version of the amazing x t3

The rear half of the X-T30 showed the most design changes. Hi, D pad. Hi, Focus Joystick.
Image: Fujifilm

As the size of the X-T30 gets smaller, the lock ISO and shutter speed dial with diopter lock on the X-T3 should disappear and be together. While only one SD slot is provided, Fujifilm has done a good job maintaining the manual control of the large camera and can customize many buttons to the desired function. A small built-in flash is still here.

Inside there are many similar to the X-T3. The X-T30 features a 26.1 megapixel X-Trans CMOS 4 backlight sensor and an X-Processor 4 quad core CPU consisting of four X-T3 units to provide all the performance improvements of auto focus speed and accuracy made by Fujifilm. Fourth generation system. The phase detection auto focus point is distributed over the entire frame. Sequential shots run up to 30 fps with an electronic shutter (and a 1.25x crop). The X-T30 can focus to -3.0EV and can handle up to 150% faster than the X-T20.

. Actually Better Auto focus than X-T3. Provides improved face and eye tracking. If you have multiple people, you can choose a face to prioritize and maintain a more stable exposure than when you focus on someone with black hair. You can also detect faces that occupy 7% of the frame. (The X-T3 will receive both these enhancements and more with a firmware update in April.) From a steel perspective, the X-T30 matches the X-T3 with the most important points. The main difference is that the buffer runs a little faster during burst shooting.

1550121124 880 fujifilms x t30 is a smaller cheaper version of the amazing x t3

Image: Fujifilm

The video shows that the X-T30 is a little away from the T3. First, 4K recording is limited to 30p, and expensive cameras can record 60p. Second, video in the camera is limited to 8-bit 4: 2: 0 footage. (X-T3 is capable of recording 4: 2: 2 internally in 10-bit 4: 2: 0 and 4: 2: 2 in SD card and externally via HDMI). Third, the X-T30 supports 400Mbps to 200Mbps Finally, for audio monitoring, this camera does not have a traditional headphone jack, but Fujifilm has a solution (USB-C). Yes, Donggui's life has come to the camera world. When you connect the USB-C headphone adapter, you can use the port for audio instead of charging. And it works! I think it is a smart solution in a limited port space.

Fujitsilm is in the same lineup with the introduction of the 16mm f / 2.8 lens with the X-T30. As 23mm, 35mm and 50mm f / 2 waterproof prime it has a compact design like the same, clicky, very satisfied aperture ring and others, so I think the connection is meaningful – though it is very fast. Fujifilm says the focusing system is "driven by a stepping motor that moves the lens focusing elements into position through precise electrical pulses for very fast autofocus functions." You can feel this lens focus when turning the focus ring. I liked it, but I could see what others would do now. The 16mm f / 2.8 cost is $ 399.95 and will be available in March (black) or May (silver).

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