French inventor successfully crossed the English Channel on a hoverboard

After failed attempts at the end of July, Franky Zapata's inventor, Franky Zapata, successfully surpassed the UK channel this morning on Flyboard Air with Jetboard.

Zapata arrived in Dover, England, 22 minutes after leaving Sangatte, France, and reached a speed of 106 miles per hour while traveling 22 miles. "We built the machine three years ago." He made the team after landing, and now he has crossed the channel. It's going to be crazy. "

The Guardian reports that his journey was not continuous, he simply put a ten-minute fuel on his back, had to stop in the pits to feed the medium.

It was his second attempt to cross The Canal Zapata In his first attempt at the end of July, he tried to land on the refueling platform and failed when he fell into the water He and his team collided with the magnitude of the wave during the landing attempt.

Zapata invented the Flyboard in 2011. The device is a water jet suit that has been used in water jets for a long time, to propel the pilot through the air behind the ship.Invented Flyboard Air and four turbojets, the pilot can fly through the air and keep it stable using a computer In 2016, Zapata flies the Flyboard Air along the south coast of France at 2,252 meters (approximately 1.4 miles)

In mid-July, the inventor showed his headline in the Bastille Day event with its weapon in the crowd, the defense industry, Implant Sciences, was planned to acquire Zapata Industries in Zapata (in 2018, the French defense procurement agency awarded Zapata $ 1.3 million in subsidies) [19659007] British inventor Richard Browning said: The user has developed a jet suit that can put six turbo engines on his arm. Everything from the British Royal Marines to Adam Barbarians.

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