France wants to arm satellites with guns and lasers by 2030

Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a French astronaut to defend the satellite. The French Minister of Defense has announced a program to develop nanoscale guns and lasers, according to Le Point ( Task & Purpose ). .

Florence Paris announced that it will reallocate 700 million euros from the military budget for air defense and will spend 4.3 billion euros by 2025. The money will go to upgrade the Syracuse military communications satellite network in France. Operated by the French Navy. The military wants the next-generation satellites to have cameras that can identify their enemies with a machine gun and laser-capable subsequent generations that can attack and neutralize other satellites.

The Department of Defense has the ability to swiftly replace lost satellites, orbit nano satellites to protect strategic objects. Le Point says that the military wants these systems by 2030.

According to Task & Purpose Parly aims to out-enemy satellites. "Active defense is not an aggressive strategy, it is self-defense." He pointed out that if a country can identify a hostile country, it could respond. He also pointed out that the plan would not violate the Outer Space Treaty, which explicitly prohibits such things as nuclear weapons or "other weapons of mass destruction".

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