Foxconn denies looking to transfer Chinese workers to incoming Wisconsin factory

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that Foxconn will move some of its Chinese personnel to Wisconsin to launch a new plant at Racine. These workers Journal The report is likely to be an engineer, and a hard labor market can fill the gifted talent gap. Given that all contracts with Foxconn depend on the promise of a new job for Americans, it will be an unpleasant surprise to many in Wisconsin.

In a comment on Gizmodo Foxconn is a Chinese worker. The company said: "

" We can firmly say that the claim of hiring Chinese workers in the Wisconsin project is not true. Our job priority is maintained for the first time in Wisconsin, We are focusing on hiring and training workers, and we will supplement that recruitment with other US branches as needed. "

We will listen and update more with our own comments.

When Wisconsin decided to open a factory in Wisconsin in November 2017, it pledged $ 3 billion in subsidies from a Taiwan-based company. In return, Foxconn said it would create 13,000 jobs and invest $ 10 billion. (The state subsidy was set at $ 230,000 per job.) According to the Wall Street Journal report, although struggling to find qualified technicians in the area, the country's unemployment rate has reached its lowest Has recorded a national low of 3.7 per cent recently, to 3 per cent.

Foxconn originally planned a factory to manufacture 75-inch TVs, but instead decided to focus on developing an ecosystem called "AI 8K + 5G". Foxconn says, with the same 13,000 employees, unlike an assembly line worker, he needs a skilled workforce. Foxconn spokesperson Louis Woo said that in the Racine Journal Times the focus shifts to the fact that "10% of assembled workers and 90% of knowledge workers" are needed.

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