Fortnite’s Avengers: Endgame crossover is one of the best superhero games I’ve ever played

Battle royale video games are not really power fantasies, especially if you are one of the most players who lose a game. Falling on an island with other scavengers and looking around for small firearms and ammunition that you can get creates a tense atmosphere, everything can happen. You're supposed to feel vulnerable all the time. That is not the case in the big event Fortnite A Avengers: Endgame . The limited-time game mode is about feeling too powerful, like a superhero, with a spectacular effect.

Whether you're on the side of humanity, wielding one of the many heroic weapons taken from the Marvel universe, or if you're part of Thanos's army, with its backpacks and power weapons with unlimited ammo, the mode increases all the experience Fortnite to an almost absurd level of chaos. The mode is based on the limited-time event Infinity War last year, modifying the formula intelligently and making sure everyone can have a little fun, even when they lose.

The event last year Avengers an unprecedented crossover for Hollywood and the gaming industry, was intentionally unbalanced. You were one of the many players who tried to shoot down, but mostly avoided, the only player who took on the role of Thanos, with his destructive purple beam, his massive health bar and his inhuman movement. It was often very difficult to get the Infinity Gauntlet that would allow you to become the villain, and even if you did, it meant that all the other players on the map had your sights set on you.

In the variant Endgame the whole world is a superhero or an ultra powerful villain, to some extent. The teams are divided into two sides of up to 20, although, in my experience, many people withdrew, which makes each contest about 15 out of 15 in most cases. One side is humanity, which was dropped on the standard map Fortnite with an assault rifle, a shotgun and a treasure map that takes you to one of Avenger's many specific weapons, like gloves of Iron Man, the explosive bow of Hawkeye. , and the shield of Captain America. You have also tripled the amount of normal health throughout the game.


The other side is Thanos's Chitauri alien army, which is equipped with a blaster, a more powerful charge attack and a jetpack with unlimited fuel. (The jetpack has a cooling mode to prevent it from flying in the air at all times.) The first Chitauri player to touch one of the six infinite stones that lands on the map becomes Thanos, and each time the villain dies a player who happens to perish at about the same time is randomly assigned.

From there, the battle intensifies satisfactorily. The side of humanity has unlimited lives, but most make extensive use of heroic weapons to topple the Chitauri and Thanos. The side of the villain has 100 lives in total, but can start a situation at the end of the game by collecting the six Infinite Stones that gradually fall on the map, eliminating the ability of humanity to reappear. At the end of a fight, there are approximately 50 or more Chitauri and Thanos pressing the 15 or 20 heroes while defending the final Infinite Stone.

Naturally, the combat is ridiculous and overwhelming, with explosions of energy flying in all directions, heroes and villains flying through the air, and Thanos allegedly devastating any structure with which he comes into contact. But it's exciting, in ways that few superhero games have been able to achieve. (Last year Spider-Man on PS4 was a rare exception.) The fact of being able to fly through the terrain with the ability to grip the Hawkeye bow, or hover in the air with the Iron Man gloves and sending destructive explosions of energy is enough to make you want this to be a complete game on its own.

At one point, in my only experience as Thanos, I sent my most powerful attack, a giant beam of purple energy, to a human player, only to have it deviated in its entirety with Captain America's shield. Meanwhile, the other heroes were shooting at me from all sides and I was shot down almost immediately. In another game, a group of other Chitauri found Thanos on the battlefield and praised our leader in the only way we knew … dancing.


The parties feel slightly skewed in favor of Thanos, which may or may not have been an intentional touch on behalf of Epic Games and Marvel. It's just much easier to beat the heroes and catch the Infinity Stones than to defend against the Chitauri, at least in the current iteration of the mode. To that end, Epic already announced some adjustments to make certain heroic objects more powerful (but it reduced the resistance of Iron Man's gloves), as well as altered some aspects of Infinity War last year's event

Even so, the event of The world's biggest video and Hollywood's most epic climate event of the decade unite in a way that does not feel corny or like a silly marketing gimmick. On the other hand, it is an incredible experience and a true testimony of the cultural magnitude of Fortnite and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My only wish is that he stay.

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