Fortnite World Cup Winner

The 16-year-old American won a $ 3 million award after winning a competition with players in the Fortnite, World Cup Winner. The other three Americans also became millionaires as individual players in the competition.

Kyle Giersdorf declared individual winners of the tournament earlier this week in New York City. Giersdorf is from Pennsylvania, USA. In the game he is known as “Bugha“.

About Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite is an online video game with about 250 million users worldwide. The game was created by the Epic Games, company. The company also organized a competition called the “Fortnite World Cup”, which attracted about 15,000 fans at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center in New York.

Epic Games said it spent more than $ 100 million last year to develop Fortnite electronic sports activities. This effort ended with a championship event and paid $ 30 million in prize money. Athletes from all over the world have participated in the qualifying race for the last 10 weeks.

Kyle Giersdorf took the lead in the first of six games with at least 100 players involved and never looked back. He scored almost twice as much as his nearest competitor. Giersdorf said “crazy” after his victory. “The words can’t be explained, either. I’m so happy.

The event also selected winners from three different departments. This includes pair competition as well as famous Fortnite players from around the world. Another competition decided the best “creative” player.

The winners of the competition represented many countries outside the United States, including European, Canadian, South American and Asian players.

Saturday, July 27, 2019, Epic Games, Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen of Norway and David “Aqua” Wang of Austria won the trophy after winning the Fortnite World Cup duo championship. New York. Epic game (via.

Some observers mentioned on social media the lack of women among the 100 finalists who entered the finals in individual competition. The lack of women’s participation is despite recent research, which estimates that nearly half of video gamers in the United States are girls and women.

Epic Games has begun to compete with anyone who wants to participate, regardless of gender or age. Some experts say that the lack of female competitors in the Fort Night contest is part of the broader problem for men, which dominates esports, competition for the most part.

In Fortnite’s “Battle Royale”, players must go to the island to search for weapons and other resources to progress in the game. The goal is to kill everything else and become the final ranking. Players can battle as individuals or as a team.

The game does not cost money

However, some items in the game can be purchased for real money. Players progressing through the game reach higher levels as they play. Players with high status can get a big advantage over their opponents. Fortnite differs from other popular online shooting games because it contains cartoon characters and unusual and fun elements.

The player can choose a different “skin” to give the character an identity. Many of these characters are based on those of popular culture. One of the most popular parts of the game is the player dancing a special dance for his character. Some of these fortnight dances have gained popularity on the internet.

French press AFP talked to Coers Bradley, Giersdorf’s best friend. He said that on a game morning his friend was going to see “worry and lively” fun. “He is one of the smartest players. He knows when to attack, when not to stay high,” Bradley said. “He is a strategic player.”

Some fans could watch the contest online, but it was worth it to attend the event in person. Spokesman Carlos Dacosta said, “This didn’t seem so fun. “These competition levels are crazy,” he said. A French gamer going by the name “Kouto” told AFP how impressive Fortnite’s “large scale” was in AFP. “Especially everything they invested in players,” he said.

Kouto, whose real name is Issam Taguine, participated in the competition of this creative player and received $ 86,000. For him, the game’s popularity is higher than ever. He says that the main reason Fortnite succeeds is because new and exciting things are always being added. You can come back in four months and you’ll feel like you’ve never played the same game,” Taguine said.

Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf Interview

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