Fortnite Update 10.00 is now live

The Fortnite 10.00 update is available from August 6 and brought new content, rifles, useful tricks and more. The classic Battle Royale meat grinder now has a new twist with this content update, as the patch notes indicate that there were several significant changes. Things like Tilted Town, an automatic sniper, and more await all Fortnite Battle Royale enthusiasts, so immerse yourself!

The story of season X begins with a mysterious explosion of cracks that absorbs our heroes in … a crack. As everything is floating from left to right, people are grabbing new clothes, armor, weapons and making new enemies / friends. The reality is that a giant meteorite is about to hit one of our favorite areas: the zero point. Epic Games now brings us a spun version of Neo Tilted … that now & # 39; is no longer so Neo & # 39 ;, and according to the official statement: “A Failure Zone has turned this location into what it was Many years ago: a Wild West settlement. What is even wilder than this western turn is that construction and harvest are prohibited. "

Fortnite Season 10 Screenshot

In addition to this radical change in the construction ban, Epic also added an automatic sniper rifle, which is said to be useful for catching enemies over long distances It is, of course, available in all variants (Rare, Epic and Legendary) and is available as a floor, vending machine, chest, loot conveyor and collection of supplies. The complete list of contents for Fortnite The 10.00 season update is below

Limited time rotation:

Arsenal (coming soon) – Type of equipment: Solo – Reappearance: On

In this time mode limited, which will come soon, players will be able to make their way through all weapons, from the highest to the lowest rarities, and reappear until one reaches The final weapon and reach the elimination. Ammo is set to infinity and eliminated players will drop materials.

Weapons and objects:

Automatic sniper rifle
  • Rare, epic and legendary
  • Medium ammo
  • Faster projectile travel time compared to other snipers
  • Damage range: 31 / 33/35 – Head damage range: 62/66/70
  • 4 RPS (rounds per second)
  • 16 RPM (rounds per loader)
  • Reduced zoom range
  • Available in a floor, a vending machine, a chest, a loot loader and supplies.
Tilted Town exclusive weapons:
  • Double-barrel shotgun – Epic and legendary
  • Six Shooter – Uncommon, rare, and epic
  • Hunting rifle – Little common and rare
  • Infantry rifle – Common

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