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Fortnite Season 11 Event is unlike any other so far

Fortnite Season 11 Event is unlike any other so far

Fortnite Season 11 The End Event … is really the end. Until now, the game cannot be played and players who log in can only observe the massive singularity, that is, a black hole. So far, Epic has not offered any official explanation of what happened at the end of season 10 and what this means. The company only changed its banner photo from Tweeter's account to a photo of a black hole, and the official YouTube channel of the game also shows a live recording of a black hole … And, Now, fans are wondering what will happen for the game, the web is going crazy with speculation …

It all started with the end of Fortnite Season 10, when the event ended in a complete collapse of reality In the game as players know. A mysterious person or entity has built and launched a huge rocket from the center of the map into space. However, upon reaching the atmosphere, the rocket seemed to break the very fabric of reality and, soon, similar tears began to appear throughout the sky, with multiple missiles flying from one tear to another. Everything seemed to be related to a huge meteorite that was standing on the horizon, as if it were frozen in time.

  Fortnite Season 10 Ending

Finally, all the rockets began to converge at one point, directly below the meteorite. Everyone started hitting a single point and opened a huge tear that swallowed the meteorite, as it stopped its state of shutdown. A brief period of silence was followed by ominous thunder sounds and then a great tear began to appear directly on the map with the players. All players were thrown into the atmosphere and remained floating in the air when a giant tear opened directly on the map. The meteorite, along with six missiles perfectly aligned to its side, threw the tear directly to the island and once they reached their mark, everything, including the player, was absorbed by a black hole that formed as a result. And everything has remained that way since …

We are still waiting for an official explanation from Epic regarding Fortnite Season 11 and this The End event. What does this end mean and is the beginning of something else and, if so, of what? So far, online sources can only offer speculation. Some say it is a new era for Fortnite Battle Royale, where some important changes will be introduced in the game next season. Some say a new map is on its way, while others think that the game should be ported in a completely new universe. The mysterious visitor seems to be the key to everything. While the game is still impossible to play right now, people are reviewing the visitor's recordings, trying to find a clue …

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