Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 brought a lot of fun new content

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is finally open and the dreaded black hole is gone! The enormous weight has been removed from our hearts since the game is back with more content than ever and with a new island, among other things! This chapter is actually a good continuation of what happened in at the end of chapter 1 and The End Event . After the black hole swallowed everything, everyone could only see a black hole when they logged in and we wondered what it all means, but we got a leaked trailer about two days ago, and now chapter 2 [19659006] Fortnite version 11.0, that is, Chapter 2, Season 1, is now live on all platforms and releases major changes. Mainly, the new island with 13 new locations is now open, while this main patch brings new game mechanics, a new Battle Pass, and players can now win V-bucks for the Battle Pass in the game. In addition, leveling up is also much broader now, since everything you do will produce experience, including fishing, and there are other water-related game features available, to say the least.

In summary, this new season brings swimming, motorboats, fishing and all kinds of water aerobatics in the game. It also improves combat with improved weapons and innovations. If you get the Battle Pass, you can earn XP with new medals awarded for all kinds of activities in the game and, as mentioned, this time only buy it with V-Bucks. In addition, it is allowed to level up above 100, and there is no real limit set as far as we know.

In general, it will be a crazy fuss now that Fortnite is back, and the song appeared at the launch the trailer says exactly that. If you took a breath during the black hole, it's time to go back to the game and see where the world is now. It is a completely new area, with new locations, hiding places and more. In addition, some Android devices can also run Fortnite at 60 fps, such as Galaxy Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 X, Huawei Honor View 20 and many others.

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