Former Siri chief is leaving Apple to join Microsoft’s AI division

Bill Stasior, former director of the Apple Siri division, is leaving the company to join Microsoft's AI division nearly 10 years later. The Information . Stasior left Apple in May, but later this month he joined Microsoft as corporate vice president and reported to Kevin Scott Chief Technology Officer. Stassior joined 2012 and has been with Apple for more than seven years.

Stasior's departure is not a sign of Siri's current state, and it seems to reflect Apple's AI reality. Last year, the iPhone manufacturer brought John Giannandrea from Google and was the former head of search and AI. The way that AI works with AI has changed.

At Giannandrea's hiring, Siri was considered Apple's approval for sluggish AI efforts and need for improvement, proving that Google support and Amazon's Alexa are far behind in sophistication and industry adoption. Siri lives inside every iPhone and arrives on-site before other major voice assistants, but Amazon and Google have integrated their respective assistants into smart home products to drive the competition in consumer AI. User privacy and delay in entering the smart speaker market.

Gianannandrea was promoted to senior after more active roles in Siri's department last summer. In December, he reported directly to Apple's vice president, Tim Cook CEO, and was responsible for all Apple's machine learning and general AI projects. According to The Information the promotion led Stai away from the daily work of running the Siri team.

Prior to joining Gianannandrea, Stasior was responsible for running Siri, vice president of the department for more than seven years. But Apple has effectively thrown away product executives like hot potatoes. At first, former iOS software Scott Forstall assumed the task of overseeing Siri, but after leaving the company in the controversial crisis of Apple Fias, the role was Eddie, the service director. I went to Eddy Cue and eventually became vice president of software engineering at Craig Federighi. Lastly, when Giannandrea joined, Siri had the proper officer to oversee it, but that doesn't seem to be what Stasior departed for. Interestingly, Stasior joined Microsoft, far behind Amazon and Google, in relation to consumer AI projects, despite a strong research department. However, according to information Stasior may be removed from the product late, and in some cases, would not actually work with Microsoft's latest voice assistant, Cortana. (Microsoft's new vision for Cortana is definitely to make it business-centric and interactive.) Instead, we will lead the AI ​​group.

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