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Forge of Empires Wiki guide: Forge of Empires is a browser game that allows you to build your own city from the Stone Age to the centuries and experience all the history in perspective. Explore new technologies for a new era. Leave your mark as a unique and modern building and build a huge metropolis that can’t be compared anywhere else.

Build your empire with sophisticated strategic campaigns and skillful actions from Forge of Empires.

Create your own world forge your empire

The strategy game Forge of Empires Wiki guides you through various eras. Continue developing settlements by exploring new building types and technologies. Troubleshoot single player campaigns until you rule the entire continent or compete with other players in multiplayer mode. Dedicate yourself to researching and developing advanced combat units, innovative products and stunning buildings in the browser game Forge of Empires.

Enthusiastic builders will have many opportunities to develop and beautify the city in this strategy game. Forge of Empires requires good economic skills to finance the growth of the empire with residents’ taxes. But not everything in Forge of Empires is peaceful.

Combine the individual features of the terrain to fight exciting battles, use various units and win. You can use your computer on the battlefield or learn combat strategies from other players. Control the destiny of your empire: Forge of Empires! Imperial Forge.

Another wiki guide of Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is an Empire building game where players have to devise effective strategies to maximize their overall production and advance quickly in the game. The mechanics are usually simple. Start with a simple town with a basic structure. In the whole course of the game, you have to take part in battles to build buildings, increase your population, collect resources, and also expand your territory.

From the Stone Age, villages will go through various eras until they turn into a powerful empire, reaching a virtual future. Like games in the same category, Forge of Empires is very long lived. It’s not a game you can end at once. In any empire or city building game like Forge of Empires, the first stage can definitely be slow to progress.

Basically, you need to upgrade from the beginning to the maximum level, from residential buildings to various production buildings. Whether you want to accelerate the production process, increase the value of your merchandise or quickly enter a new era, there are many ways you can do to get the most out of the game.

Pay attention to forge points

Forge points are probably the most essential element in the game. Points are mainly used to conduct research, unlocking more buildings and eventually evolving into a new era. But the tricky part here is the fact that you only limited the forge points you spend. The forge point bar only displays up to 10 forge points (the limit will eventually increase).

After points are spent, they will be automatically refilled after 1 hour. So if you have used all of the available forge points, you have to literally wait for 10 hours.

Game tips

For this reason it is always important to pay attention to forge points and learn how to use them wisely. Sometimes it’s more important to stick to what the main quest points to. Use Forge Point for the right technology when conducting research.

There are 3 main ways to earn forge points:

  1. First, points are automatically earned per hour.
  2. The second, is to use coins to buy extra points (virtual currency obtained by collecting taxes from residential buildings).
  3. The third, source is to purchase additional Forge Points through diamonds (premium currency).

Game tricks

If you’re tired of waiting and don’t want to use diamonds for Forge Points, you can aim for Great Buildings. There are a lot of great buildings that can generate forge points, especially when upgrading to the maximum level. With a great building like “Hagia Sophia” (early middle ages), when you reach level 10, you’ll get one counterfeit point from level 1 and 6 counterfeit points, which increases exponentially every 5 levels. Forge points can also be earned in various quests, guild expeditions, events and daily rewards.

Boost your production with boosters

If you played a game like Clash of Clans, or any other city building RTS, time is actually a challenge and most construction has to wait patiently. Initially, production and construction take only 1-2 minutes, but as soon as they develop and the community develops, the waiting time increases exponentially.

Some buildings may ask you to wait an hour or more. To speed up production, it is better to pay for diamonds or use a booster that lasts for a certain time.

Boosters are only available through the Tavern Shop. There is a so-called friend tavern next to your empire. You can invite your friends through this special building to receive Tavern Silver instead. Tavern Silver is the currency used to purchase items in the Tavern Shop.

There is a decorative upgrade to get rewards when visitors visit the tavern. You can also buy three types of boosters: Resource Boosts, Military Boosts, and Time Boosts.

It’s time to play Forge of Empires

Resource boost: including coin boost (increase coin production); Supply boost (supply increase); Additional expedition turn (additional turn of the guild expedition), enthusiasm (make the population enthusiastic for a certain time) and merchants (better rates in the deal).

Military Boost: This includes Attacker Boost. Defender Boost City Shield (prevents enemies from attacking and looting cities during enemy time).

Time Boost: This is the most advantageous. To shorten the construction time of all buildings in the city for a certain time. Recruitment boost also speeds up unit recruitment.

Forge of Empires is an absolutely great game and there are plenty of areas for players to explore. It’s more than a typical urban construction adventure. From the Stone Age to the fictional future, there is nothing more valuable than seeing your empire develop from the beginning into a powerful, sustainable kingdom or a better metropolis.

Since you have shared some useful tips and tricks, download Forge of Empires and build your own powerful empire! Good luck and have fun!

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