For real this time, get your butt off Python 2: No updates, no nothing after 1 January 2020

"Let's not play games," says Lang Dad Guido van Rossum

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Python 2 is reaching the end of life, like it or not

Python 2 will be set on January 1 2020 – however, many applications have not yet been updated to version 3, which makes the coding jargon team organize a communications campaign to persuade developers to carry their code.

Python is the third most popular programming language after JavaScript and Java, according to Redmonk. Its use has been driven by the great interest in machine learning, for which Python is very suitable, thanks in part to its various libraries and frames related to AI.

Python 2.0 was released in 2000, and Python 3.0, which is not fully compatible with previous versions, in 2008. The latest version of Python 2.x, 2.7, was launched in July 2014.

When Python came out 3.0, the team stated that 2.0 would not be maintained after 2015. Many did not update it. the date was moved to 2020 to "alleviate the concerns of those users who still cannot migrate."

Now is the time to worry. In March 2018, Python inventor Guido van Rossum commented:

The Python Software Foundation is sufficiently concerned about the amount of Python 2.x code still in use that it hired last month with Changeset, a consulting firm which offers "short-term projects" administration services for free and open source software projects ", to" help communicate about the sunset of Python 2 ".

" Many institutions and code bases have not yet ported its code from Python 2 to Python 3. And many of them have not even heard about the next EOL, "says the Changeset statement.

One of the goals was to create a page on to give guidance to the community, and perhaps that's why a publication called Sunsetting Python 2 appeared.

The publication states that while "we didn't want to harm people who use Python 2", they need to carry their code to avoid d etain Python 3 due to the effort required to maintain Python 2. [19659005] The publication also explains what will happen on January 1. There will be no voluntary help "if people find catastrophic security problems in Python 2 or in software written in Python 2". Support will only be available through commercial providers. There are also links to useful guides on portability, including this publication, which also explains why Python 2 code is still used so much:

There are no more arguments now, just upload and carry the code, okay? ®

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