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fonedog powermymac make your mac regain vitality Get Into PC

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last update: September 10, 2019.

How long have you been buying your Mac? Just a few months, or just a year or several years? We all know that the Mac produced by Apple is of a fabulous quality and can be used for a long time. Although Mac can provide services to users for much longer, it rarely needs to rest for a while.

Although Mac computers are commonly perceived as more electric than their Windows PCs, it is not surprising that a Mac user starts pulling up with signs such as taking an eternity to boot, random freezing when opening any application, or the mouse cursor stops responding, etc.

In addition to an awkward Internet connection, there may be many other moments where simply – starting the machine will not save your Mac to slow down.

Have you ever thought about giving your Mac a chance to rest and giving it a new life by cleaning up some leftover files or cache on your Mac? I guess you wouldn't say no to this question. So here, I have to show you incredible software: FoneDog PowerMyMac .

To be honest, it can be considered as one of the most reliable cleaning applications. This software is mainly used to free disk space on your computer and optimize your computer. Now let's see what features it has.

The features of FoneDog PowerMyMac

Before saying that FoneDog PowerMyMac is a competent software for you to clean your Mac. Doubt it or not, you can still find its specializations in the following parts.

# 1. Make your Mac recover vitality

From the day you bought your Mac, you will use it almost every day. You must have downloaded several programs from the application store or explored many things on the Internet. Some applications may not be as valuable to you, but you forget to delete them. Then that software would occupy a certain space on your Mac . In addition, they can have a lot of cache waiting to be deleted.

  As time passes, you cannot recognize which application is useful and which
One must be eliminated. At that time, I could do you a great favor. Helping
uninstall applications and   clean useless data  gives your Mac a complete
different life 

# 2. Keep a record of your Mac

Do you want to know if your Mac works fine? It can give you the fortune to see the performance of your Mac. It's easy to observe your Mac no matter what time it is. With the help of FoneDog PowerMyMac, you can go to the CPU utilization to see if your Mac works well. In addition, you can also use it to see the memory usage and hard disk space of the computer.

fonedog powermymac make your mac regain vitality Get Into PC

# 3. Free up your Mac's storage space
FoneDog PowerMyMac has a function of scanning your Mac. That is; You can use it to explore any part of your computer and view storage. If you find that there is little storage space left in some parts, you can simply click once to clean up the garbage and free up more space.

Most importantly, it can also detect duplicate data and show it to everyone. This way, you can preview these files before deleting them. At the same time, you should know that it is compatible with the cleaning of garbage in your system, photo, email, iTunes and other applications.

# 4. Provides the opportunity to edit files on Microsoft NTFS drives
As we all know, Mac does not support Windows volumes under certain circumstances. Therefore, it is inconvenient for you to write and edit files in Microsoft. But FoneDog PowerMyMac can help you solve this type of problem.

S you can use this software to write, edit or delete your files in Microsoft, provided you use NTFS drives.

# 5. Better to manage your Mac application
Once you download the program and start using it, you may find it easier to control your Mac applications. Simply click a button , and you can scan all applications on your Mac and preview them on your screen.

Then, you can choose the applications you no longer want to use and remove them from your computer. This helps you to delete many junk files.

# 6. Ensure the security of your files
Everyone has their secrets on their computer and they don't want others to see them. It is a good tool to protect important files on your computer. There are two ways for you. On the one hand, you can simply encrypt private files so that only the one who knows the password can see them.

On the other hand, you can hide your data using this software so that others do not have access to it.

An overview of FoneDog PowerMyMac

FoneDog PowerMyMac has three modules that are Status, Cleaner and Toolkit. Below is a general introduction of these three modules.

The first module of this program is "State". The status is used to observe the status of your Mac while it is running. After installing the application on your Mac and opening the Status, you will see three parts in this module. These three parts are the CPU, memory and disk. Each time you access this page, this software will show you the status of application execution.

You will see three circles and each circle will show you which part of your computer occupies more space than your CPC, Memory and Disk. And the specific number will also be shown below each circle.

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The second module is "Cleaner". Under this module, you are free to choose data or useless files to clean. In addition to giving you the freedom to clean unnecessary data, FoneDog PowerMyMac also helps you delete files that you no longer need.

Most importantly, one of the best features it has is that you can scan all your files before selecting specific items to clean. In this way, it helps you save a lot of time and a lot of energy.

There are eight options you can decide to clean. These options are System Trash, Similar Photo, iTunes Trash, Email Trash, iPhoto Trash, Trash Containers, Duplicate Finder, and Large and Old Files.

As a third module, the "ToolKit" offers more services for you. It is a toolbox for you. You can use it to deal with riddles related to your wifi, uninstalling of certain applications the privacy of your files and others. You can simply download it and see more ToolKit roles. It is an easy and manageable tool to manage your computer.

In summary

You should now clearly know the features of FoneDog PowerMyMac and have a broad view of its three modules. Actions speak louder than words. What I have presented above may not cover all the features of this software.

If you want to know if it is a good software or if you want to know more details about it, including more information related to your State, Cleaner and ToolKit, you can go to the official website of the program and run it. We will be waiting for your comments!

Jav Zeb is a young and energetic British author with experience in writing tutorials and reviewing products. He has completed AAT from the London School of Business and Finance, Birmingham. Interests: Drawing, painting, blog writing, interior decoration and reading. Living in: Erdington, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom. You can contact her at Get Into [email protected] .



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